Tony Moly!

TONYMOLY korean beauty

Can we just have a very brief chat about TONYMOLY, the South Korean beauty brand that’s just landed at Cult Beauty? I hear amazing things about the formulas (and so far, I am very impressed with the Cherry Lip Balm and the Panda’s Dream Eye Stick) but it’s the packaging that I find irresistible. I know that it shouldn’t appeal to me, being over the age of twelve, but it absolutely does. See the stalk of the cherry? It’s rubbery and it wobbles. And don’t even get me started on the panda…

TONYMOLY korean beauty

Has anyone tried any products from TONYMOLY? I’m particularly intrigued by the Luminous Aura Goddess Beam and the Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack. (The latter, I’ll admit, purely for the toadstool-shaped tub.)

I’ll be back with updates on the bits and pieces in the photo – until then, you can find them at Cult Beauty here. The Panda’s Dream “So Cool Eye Stick” is £10 and the Cherry Lip Balm is £8. Not a bad idea for stocking fillers if you’re still searching for nice things! Continue reading

MAC Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung MAC

Prabal Gurung MAC has released pictures of the MAC Prabal Gurung range launching in December. I think it looks very tempting indeed – particularly those strong lipsticks (please don’t let them be matte).

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

If you don’t know Prabal Gurung as a designer, he’s always been experimental with make-up at his shows. This is one of my favourite ever images of a runway look – MAC has done many of his shows so this seems like a very natural extension of the relationship.

Anyway, expect to see a bronzer, eyeshadow duos, lipsticks (presumably the three in the picture which look to me like a perfect blend of Estee Lauder and Lipstick Queen), lipglasses and eye pencils.

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Ten Under £10: Face Highlighters

The “Ten Under £10” edition of the Weekly Window Shop was so very popular that I decided to make it a  regular, standalone feature. Because who doesn’t want a round-up of brilliant and affordable stuff?

Ten Under £10 will concentrate mostly on beauty, but if there’s a particularly good glut of other things for under a tenner at any given time then I could be swayed! I do love a good fashion bargain…

I’ll usually have a video to go with any beauty round-ups; it’s handy to see the products “in real life” – especially if they’re makeup items – and even handier to watch them being applied. I’ve kicked off the series with my top 10 face highlighters (or illuminators, strobe creams) for under £10. As always, I welcome any suggestions or additions to the selection and apologise if I’ve missed out anything spectacular – I try dozens and dozens of products when I research these sorts of posts and videos, but it’s impossible to try absolutely everything. Especially brands not easily available in the UK.

So, my favourite cheekbone, cupid’s bow and bridge-of-the-nose highlighters for under a tenner – a nice selection here, including products that can be used beneath your face base as well as cream sticks than can be very simply drawn on and blended in with fingertips.

The skin highlighters that have made it into my makeup bag over the past few weeks – the ones I have really found to be very useful, effective, wearable and believable – are briefly described below, but you can find longer reviews as well as watch them being applied in the following video.

I Think I’ve Outgrown My Beauty Stash

I Think I've Outgrown My Beauty Stash

Since being a teenager, I have pretty much wore the same type of make-up look: moderate coverage foundation (thanks to regular acne then adult acne), peachy hues of blush, the odd swipe of bronzer and more often than not, nude lipstick. Have I dabbled with other shades and looks? Most definitely but sooner or later, I fall back into my old habits like a comfortable old pair of pyjamas…well until lately.

I Think I've Outgrown My Beauty Stash

Seemingly overnight, my taste in make-up has changed – I no longer want to conceal my skin with heavy foundations (that’s not to say I am abandoning them completely as I know my skin will act up sooner or later), rather I want to embrace the natural texture and tone of my complexion, and really only conceal where I need to. I’ve all but stopped using powder blushes and bronzers in favour of cream based products and where a once blinding highlight used to sit on my cheeks, I am more comfortable with a parred down hint of glimmer. I’ve also found myself stepping back from matte liquid lipsticks in favour of tinted lip balms and honestly I don’t know who I am make-up wise anymore.

What is most bizarre and a little more difficult for myself – let alone you the reader to swallow – is that I am longer consumed with “needing” the latest releases from any brand, nor as easily swayed by 3 for 2 offers whilst out shopping. I’m slowly but surely only purchasing what I really need or want, and no longer concerned with playing “keep up with the blogger (or influencer if you prefer)”. Much like I’ve outgrown fast fashion and have a small but well loved wardrobe, my make-up stash is somewhat going in that direction too. I only have one face, I truly have no need for over 100 nude lipsticks – we both wish I wish kidding.

I Think I've Outgrown My Beauty Stash

I would love to say my new attitude to make-up is liberating, and that I finally come into my own but rather I feel as confused as I did when I was 13, beginning to navigate the world of mascara, concealer and of course glitter – in the noughties you were a nobody if you didn’t at least dabble with glitter eyeshadow. In my mind, a new phase was bound to happen sooner or later – or at least that is how I am trying to rationalise my sudden departure from nude lipstick and matte skin. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes; as a person you never stop growing or developing and as we age, our wardrobes change so why should our make-up bags be any different?

A quick trip down memory lane (and through the archives of this blog) suggests that my make-up taste hasn’t been as stagnant as I like to suggest: I’ve grown out of rimming my entire – and small eyes with – black khol pencil, I’ve waved goodbye to purchasing just about any rumoured Kardashian favourite, I no longer contour with shimmery bronzer (I don’t know what I was thinking either) and I’ve finally discovered that a little eyebrow maintenance really does make all the difference to my face. Looking back maybe this new direction isn’t all that odd really and was a long time coming?

Unlike in the past where my make-up collection was minimal at best, I now have a huge, bursting at the seams stash of liquids, powders, blushes and all that it is in-between, that really needs whittled down. I have no problem letting go of unloved products but do hope that I don’t change my mind, half way through my cull and decide that perhaps I have been a little too hasty in my decision to side step full coverage foundation? Who knows but for now, a more subdued approach to make-up is what seems my current best fit.

Are you in a similar position or do you find yourself outgrowing your beauty stash fairly often?

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Catch It Quick: Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Orange

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Hot Orange

Sorry, I feel as though I’ve been spending a lot of time on lipsticks lately. It seems to be a new obsession of mine – strange, considering I have never been a big lipstick wearer. But I seem to be coming round to the whole grow-up, painted lips thing – just adding that final bit of polish to a makeup look or providing a flash of colour when you can’t be bothered to do the rest of your face. Sunglasses on, lipstick on, out the door!

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Hot Orange

The latest lipstick? Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick in Hot Orange. The Art Sticks are great – really very highly-pigmented, long-lasting and with the most vibrant shade options. Hot Orange is the kind of red that enters the room before you – there’s no hiding when you’re wearing this! Luckily it’s incredibly easy to apply, what with its precision-pencilling abilities. It’s like using a lipliner, but quicker and chunkier – slightly less wieldy when you get into the very corners of the mouth, though still easier to get right than a traditional lipstick.

ruth crilly model beauty blogger

Every time I look for Hot Orange online, it seems to be out of stock, and then when it is in stock it only stays there for the quickest moment before selling out again. It seems to be quite consistently available on the Bobbi Brown website though, and I have also seen it pop up at – do let me know in the comments if you see it elsewhere. It’s a total cracker for the summer months, especially if you need something longwear to glam up your poolside look!

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Hot Orange: £19.50 here.

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