Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palettes

Bare Euphoria

Bare Euphoria

It’s all very well having a zillion shades in a palette, but if you find that overwhelming or that they’re surplus to requirements, a well edited, multi-functional palette is a blessing. Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palettes are pared back palettes with six eye shades and three sculpting shades. Bearing in mind I have only ever sculpted by accident, I am more likely to use these as blush and highlighters in the traditional way. But that’s what versatility is all about – something that suits your basic requirements but can evolve if you want it to.

Bronzed Euphoria

Bronzed Euphoria

Bronzed Euphoria, above, is a warmer toned palette than Bare Euphoria but with the same shades for sculpting (and if you ever wanted an Orgasm dupe, it’s right there at the end of the palette).

Bare eye swatches come up quite light – you’d definitely need to go back over unless you’re looking for super subtle, but it’s the right selection for a gentle nude smoky eye.





My only criticism of the Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palettes is that the bronzer formula feels a little bit oily – other than that, they’re heading into my now growing MUR collection of makeup!

Euphorias are £6 HERE.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique: Just Got A Lot Better.

new jpg perfume intense

I don’t usually post about things before they’re released but this perfume has stolen my heart. It’s the Classique Intense from Jean Paul Gaultier and it’s due to be launched next month, just in time for those hot, sultry evenings when you want a fragrance that’s heady and exotic and sexy. I don’t actually like the original Classique (though a lot of people must because it’s one of the world’s bestsellers) but the new Intense version? I like it a lot.

In a weird way, it actually smells a bit like the bottle looks; rich and precious and warmly syrupy. It’s a bit like Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle in that it chucks everything its got at you at once – floral, gourmande, oriental – but it’s definitely a bit more deep and sultry. I see this as an evening perfume – I find it a little too overpowering for the daytime – and so far, feedback has been good. In that I’ve had comments along the lines of “what’s that you’re wearing?” – and they weren’t referring to the fact that I was outside of my house wearing aztec-print tracksuit trousers and a jumper the colour of Pepto Bismol, either. Hurray!

No, these people are undoubtedly intoxicated by the drowsy hit of orange blossom and the sharpness of the pomegranate and the warm, fuzzy blanket of vanilla and patchouli that underpins Classique Intense. It’s quite the olfactory bombardment, this fragrance, and usually I steer clear of these bold, brashy numbers, but this time I’m hooked.

new perfume review

The fragrance has been created by Francis Kurkdjian, the 45 year old French-Armenian super-perfumer who has created some of the finest scents on the planet, both under his own name and for other houses and brands. He created Le Male for Gaultier in 1995, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea in 1999, Carven’s Le Parfum in 2013 and a massive list of fragrances in between. The man is a scent-making machine! Of his Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfumes, I am currently a little bit bowled over by Lumiere Noir, a scent so utterly sexy and dark that I can’t quite find the words to properly describe it. It’s deep and spicy and a bit like how I imagine it would be if you encountered James Bond in the middle of the night if you were in Barbados and it was steamy and you had some kind of La Perla negligee on, and you’d had a few rums and he’d had a bad day at the office, etc etc. Anyway, I’ll give that some thought and come back to you – it’s quite difficult describing scents, sometimes.

fragrance review

When Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique Intense launches next month I’ll most definitely give you a nudge; it’s an exciting one for long-time wearers of the original version, but also for people who couldn’t stand the original version. Apparently, 40% of the new perfume is the old perfume (keep up) and 60% is the new perfume. So if you’ve always hankered after a Gaultier lady-bust bottle but hated the scent inside, your prayers might finally have been answered! This is the after-hours version, the one that takes no prisoners – and I, for one, much prefer it.

Classique Intense launches in July 2014 – if you want to take a look at Kurkdjian’s Lumiere Noir then you can find it at John Lewis here.

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REN Omega 3 Serum Oil: An Affordable Skin Booster

skin care anti-ageing product review

I’m becoming more and more adventurous with my face oils, trying all sorts of different textures and blends. There are so many out there to choose from – dry oils, oils with aromatherapy blends, balancing oils for blemish-prone skin, regenerating oils for damaged skin – and I haven’t really found any, yet, that my skin didn’t agree with. Some of the richer and heavier oils have been a bit “touch and go” on the old T-Zone area, but mostly I have found that spending a few minutes massaging oil into my face, just before bed, leaves me with really plump and glowing skin in the morning.

REN’s Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil is a great choice if you’re looking for an oil that’s gives you all of the nourishment and hydration you need but that’s slightly lighter in texture. The Omega 3 Serum Oil is incredibly rich in essential fatty acids, helping to increase cell renewal and restore moisture levels so that the skin looks and feels younger and more hydrated. Rosehip Oil helps with this whole regenerative process (great for tackling dark spots and scars) and Vitamin E, from Rice Germ Oil, is a brilliant antioxidant and works to protect against damage from the environment.

Read about antioxidants…

This is a beautifully put-together oil and, as I said, a great choice if you want to start with something really nourishing, but slightly lighter in texture. It smells insanely nice, it comes in a convenient pump-action bottle and the price is excellent. £23. Even better with 20% off, as Cult Beauty have at the moment* – it takes the price down to almost high-street levels, yet the product is distinctly posh. Apply before your moisturiser, or, if it’s daytime and you wear a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC/DD/EE Cream, you might be fine with just a layer of the Omega 3 Serum Oil and then your makeup. Ditto if you have no problem with dryness; you may find that you can skip the moisturiser altogether. Just see how you go!

This is a brilliant “winter skin” buy; extra support and hydration for when the central heating cycle kicks in and dries the hell out of your face. If you find yourself getting all flaky and chapped, or if your skin starts to feel dull and weather-beaten, this is an excellent booster-upper.

Find the Omega 3 Serum/Oil at Cult Beauty here – use the code OCTBEAUTY20 at the checkout.

*(The following brand exclusions apply to the promotion; Alpha-H, Institut Esthederm, Escentric Molecules, Boudicca, Stila Cosmetics, Aesop, Sunday Riley. Code will work until Monday 13th.)

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April Favourites

april favourites

There are perhaps a couple of familiar things in this month’s favourites video; the l’Oreal Revitalift SPF25 is a new discovery and the review very recent, so probably still fresh in your minds, and the Hylamide Glow, a liquid face serum that imparts the most gradual of gradual tans, was a firm favourite at the end of summer last year. I posted about it here, but it has made a spectacular return to my everyday beauty arsenal.

Toleriane Fluid from La Roche-Posay is another skincare staple that has returned to the fold – so light and fluid but intensely hydrating, it’s perfect for troublesome oily-and-dehydrated skin.  (You can find it online here.) Sticking to the lightweight theme, Murad’s almost entirely weightless Invisiblur Perfecting Shield is a broad spectrum sun protection that leaves  a sort of perfecting veil over the skin. It does have some of the dry, velvety-touch finish of a silicone-heavy primer, but not enough to set your teeth on edge.

Watch the video for the rest of this month’s favourites, including a mirror that can see into your soul (kind of) and the best nursing bra for breastfeeding women. I realise how niche that is, but I have bought four of these now and they are brilliant. Off you go, viewing goggles on…

Boden Sweater:
Heidi Klum Nursing Bra, bought from:
SimpleHuman Mirror, bought from:
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid:
YSL Rouge Volupté Oil-in-Stick Shade 44:
Hylamide Glow:
Murad Invisiblur SPF30:
L’Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 SPF25:
Dale Pinnock Medicinal Chef, bought from:

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The Teal Chiffon Blouse Returns…

castello di casole

I told you I’d make good use of my teal blouse – I’ve been wearing it with absolutely everything! Here I am on my trip to Tuscany, standing outside the amazing Castello di Casole hotel near Siena, wearing my crazy Zara trousers, Hush teal blouse and fabulous tangerine court shoes from LK Bennett. I’m not positive that the hoop earrings were a good idea and my hair was slicked back because I’d had a bath and left it too late to dry my hair before dinner, but the rest of the outfit pleased me greatly. Comfortable, summery and chic enough to see me through a posh tasting menu with matching wines.

zara trousers and lk bennett shoes

You can find the Hush blouse here, the LK Bennett shoes here and the Zara trousers at all Zara stores apart from Gatwick, which I am boycotting because you can only return stuff TO GATWICK. Ridiculous. See here. Keep a lookout for my upcoming travel report on Castello di Casole, it is a truly special place.

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