Lola Eye Shadow Duos

Lola Duos

Lola Duos

I love these little Lola Eyeshadow Duos – there are less and less duos available because brands have headed off on the mono or palette route (a duo might stop you buying TWO monos!) but these are great value at £13 each. And, there’s always the possiblity you might actually get to finish one up!

Lola Duos

Lola Duos

In the swatch from bottom to top: Brown, Turquoise and Grey. Erm, not that imaginative on the naming front, but nonetheless, these are lovely quality, easy to blend and powerful on pigment. I really like the Lola brand but feel it gets a little overlooked from time to time – more Lola!

You can find the Lola Duo Eyeshadows HERE.

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Acquarella Water-based Polish.

I haven’t posted about anything nail related in so, so long now, simply because there isn’t much going on with natural nail brands! So when Acquarella launched onto Naturisimo I was very interested to see if they would hold up against already established brands such as Little Ondine, Kure Bazaar, etc.

Acquarella polish is water-based, scent free, fast drying and long lasting. The shades I’ve tried are Girly (pink), Zesty (Tomato red), French Vanilla (sheer peach) and their clear nail conditioner. I have been pleasantly surprised and the brand has proven to me that we don’t need nail polish with fumes that could knock you out to have a long lasting manicure.

Unlike conventional polish, Acquarella is free from Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde or petrochemical solvents. They’re non-flammable and are not considered hazardous like regular polish. Their water-based formula is breathable and won’t discolour nails, and is also safe for use during pregnancy and for those with asthma. Uhm, is there anything they can’t do?

French Vanilla is a gorgeous sheer peach shade and my favourite of the bunch. Pictured above is three coats for almost opaque coverage. A perfect looking manicure lasted about 2 days, and from there minor chipping began, it was honestly nothing major but I’m a serial picker and as soon as chips begin to show my brain gleefully tells my fingers to absentmindedly pick that polish off when I’m watching TV, damn.

I was incredibly impressed with Girly and Zesty, too, both applied flawlessly and were fully opaque in one coat! Paired with the fast drying formula you can literally paint and be touch dry and ready to go in 5 minutes.

The Nail Conditioner is a clear, super glossy nail prep product that hydrates and strengthens nails. I can’t vouch for the treatment aspect as my nails are really strong and grow way too fast for my liking – it’s kind of annoying (humble brag). BUT, It sure is glossy and would be perfect for someone looking to treat their nails and keep them looking neat and shiny.
I also received the remover which I don’t really rate – it just did a poor job, so stick with the polishes and you’ll be good.


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Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette

Shanghai Nights

The Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette look so vibrant and exciting from the outside with images of Shanghai in hyper colours on the outside. So, it’s a bit of a surprise to get inside and find rather muted shades instead. I really was expecting a riot of colour!

Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette

Other than the beautiful, vibrant blue, Skyline, they’re all pretty tame. Which is not to say the shade selection isn’t pretty, because it is – it just doesn’t seem to match the promise.

Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette

I’ve broken the palette down for swatching so what you see here is the first half of the palette featuring: Hu, Waitai, Skyline, Street Style, Bund and Ginger.

Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette

The second half is somehow more vibrant I think. The first shade, Lychee is a rosy gold – my new obsession and it’s very, very pretty. So, from Lychee onwards: Lychee, Jade, Jin Mao, Bar Rouge, Neon, Night Life. Neon is interesting – it’s almost lumious with a golden sheen so I think that will be fun to play around with over and under other shades.

Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette is a strange one – there is a lot you can actually do with the shades in terms of creating looks, the textures are a mix of metallic and matte and there is a very good quality double ended brush inside, too. I think if you’re creative and love building looks, then you’ll find this mix intriguing. The Cargo Shanghai Nights Palette is £35

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Get the Look: Spring Fling

The flowers are blooming, the sun is out and the bright colors of spring are inspiring us to refresh our look in the best pink, poppy possible way. Using just a few Benefit staples, this look is perfect for a park picnic or spring day date.


Here’s how to get fresh for spring!

Step 1: Our new multi-balancing complexion profector, big easy, provides SPF 25 to make sure the sun doesn’t get the best of your skin! We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin moisturized and protected as we head into the warmer months.


Step 2: Nothing screams spring like pops of pink! Tint those cheeks with posietint, and if you’re feeling frisky layer a few coats on your lips for a pink pop!


Step 3: This sheer ballerina pink face powder, dandelion, takes your complexion from dull to radiant with buildable color and just a hint of shimmer.


Step 4:  Last, but definitely not least, finish your look with a little gloss, go outside & enjoy that sunshine!


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The Candle of the Perfume I’m Banned from Mentioning…

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum Candle

This candle shoots straight to the very top of my favourites list; the scent is supremely sexy. I adore Bottega Veneta’s Eau de Parfum, but until now have been banned from talking about it here on the website. My friend Alex Byrne (supremo makeup artist extraordinaire) was wearing it a couple of years ago and she would only tell me what it was if I swore not to write about it. At first I thought she was joking about this, but no: if I publicly sang the praises of Bottega Veneta and she suddenly came across an army of women doused in it, she would kill me.

But this is a candle, so I’m hoping Alex lets me off on a technicality and I don’t have to start sleeping with one eye open! And what a candle. Bottega Veneta’s Eau de Parfum lends itself exceptionally well to a home fragrance – I think it must be the gorgeous leather and patchouli notes – and the perfume lingers for days and days after the candle has been burnt. It was lit for three hours on Friday and the smell in my living room is still pretty strong today, nearly a week later.

The top notes are bergamot and pink pepper and there’s jasmine, too, as well as the leather and patchouli and “oakmoss” base notes. It’s like wearing a favourite cashmere scarf, one that is already scented with a perfume that’s feminine and beautiful, but wearing it with an expensive, worn-in leather jacket. It’s something pretty from Jo Malone crossed with something smokey from Tom Ford. I can’t get enough of it.

More candle reviews…

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum Candle

I’m having trouble tracking this candle down online, apart from at Bottega Veneta (£52 here) – Selfridges have it as part of a beautiful gift coffret with the actual Eau de Parfum and a luxury body cream, that set is £191 here. If you’re shopping in the actual real world (say what?) then you can find it at Harrods.

If you want to try the Eau de Parfum (don’t tell Alex) then the 50ml version is on Amazon Prime for £59.75 instead of £70.

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