Airbrush Tanning 101

So, it’s that awkward time between spring & summer. It’s definitely not hot enough to lay out by the pool, but I’m also not spending my weekends cooped up inside. Nothing says “let’s get away” like a quick weekend trip to the beach. But, unfortunately, nothing also says I’ve been “living under a rock in San Francisco” like my pasty skin.

I’ve always been a little hesitant to get a airbrush tan—we’ve all seen the ‘orange’ effect, and that look doesn’t do anyone any good. But, you know what is good!?  Learning that Benefit’s airbrush tans truly do provide an even color & a healthy glow to your whole body. Plus, the best part, each spray tan is custom-applied just for you. When you choose a shade 1-4, your aesthetician delicately and carefully applies the color on your skin with her spray gun. This instant beauty solution is the perfect way to prep for a vacation, an evening event or any occasion where you want to show off that skin!

Off to the Benefit boutique I went to get my very first (like ever) airbrush tan!


Little to my knowledge, there’s a few must-know things before & after you get a airbrush tan. Here’s the breakdown:


  1. Exfoliate your entire body before going in for your tan to get super-even color.
  2. Wear loose-fit, dark clothing—you don’t want your tan to smudge on that white top!
  3. Getting your brows waxed and/or tinted? FYI: You’ll get your wax done first & your tint after.
  4. Make sure to shave the night before your tan.
  5. Do not use any lotion or oils on your body prior to your appointment!


  1. Wait 8-12 hours before showering, working out or swimming—you’ll want to maximize that bronze color!
  2. After you’ve showered, moisturize your face and body really well to show off that glow.
  3. Remember—don’t exfoliate until your tan starts to fade.
  4. Enjoy your new sun-kissed skin!


My lovely aesthetician, Bella, asked how dark I wanted to go—you have a choice between: 1. hint of gold 2. sun-kissed 3. healthy glow &  4. deep. I went for the healthy glow; it’s been 6 days and I’m still looking glow-y! Other than stripping down to barely nothing, because whatever, I walked out of the boutique with fresh brows & a perfect glow. What more could you ask for on a Friday night?


Here at Benefit, our Bermuda-worthy airbrush tanning is a roundtrip ticket to a gorgeous-looking glow. It’s quick, easy & safe—and all shades are completely customizable. Call your local boutique to see if they offer tanning. Get your glow on, gorgeous! xo

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Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Ooh! Fuzzy packaging! This is the yet to launch Lipstick Queen take on lilac all wrapped up in a strokable box.

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake

Obviously named for Marie Antoinette’s infamous misquote, it’s certainly adventurous and different.

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Lipstick Queen Let The Eat Cake

Poppy King has added in warm gold tones in the form of shimmer to a lilac-nude base – personally, I don’t love the effect because I’m not a shimmer lip fan at all, but I really haven’t seen another lipstick like this.

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake 3

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake 3

It’s pretty heavy on the frosting, but you get smatterings of an almost rose gold effect as well on top of the lilac-nude base; kind of intriguing but also, to my mind, a little bit ’80s – no harm in that but I’m not sure how easy it will be to wear. And, I’m gasping a little bit because it’s £35! Hope those sprinkles of glitter are 24K.

Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake launches into SpaceNK in May.

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Bee Good Beauty

Bee Good

Bee Good

If bees knew how on-trend they are right now, I’m sure there would be some properly diva beehaviour! No more bee puns, I promise, but do keep a look out for new Brit brand, Bee Good, and their beautiful range of British wildflower honey-infused products. There’s a lovely little back-story to Bee Good Beauty – based in rural Hampshire, the brand uses honey, propolis and beeswax blended with active botanicals and plant oils and will ensure that some profit from sales is sent back to

What I love is the attention to detail – with each order, you’ll get a little note which you can tear up and plant in your garden for a surprise crop of wildflowers. It seems like a very sweet thing to do. I’ve had a go with both of the above products, so first up, Honey & Wildflower Daily Moisturiser (which doesn’t smell of honey – it’s more of a light floral) that is very nicely hydrating and seems ultra softening on the skin. The second product is Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser is a bit of a mystery as it doesn’t really specify what the 2-in-1 element is, but it does a lovely, skin softening cleanse that you rinse away with water and a (provided) muslin cloth. There are lots of products – these are just the two I’ve tried, but I’d recommend keeping an eye out for the Honey & Wild Water Mint Cleansing Water because I think that’s going to be the star of the show.

The whole thing about bees is how you use the by-product – personally I don’t like to go anywhere near bee products that use bee venom (no matter what the ‘experts’ say, venom collection isn’t a nice process at all). Bees are constantly under threat from changing environments, so finding uses for what they produce is crucial in keeping our British bee populations healthy. The more resources and money we can put into bees and keeping their environments friendly, the more likely it is that we will see bees start to thrive again. I can’t imagine summer without the buzz of a busy bee.

The site is HERE if you want to check out more. The products haven’t launched yet, but they’re not far away if you’re running out of Micellar it might be worth hanging on to try the Honey & Wild Water Mint Cleansing Water.

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My Sunday Dog (Carrying) Walking Outfit…

ruth crilly with dexter cockapoo

Spring is definitely here, it seems. The threat of late snows and roof-battering winds has passed and I am packing up my winter coats ready to take to the dry cleaners. (The secret of coat longevity, I have found, is to dry clean them at the end of every winter and then hang them up in one of those breathable cotton suit covers with a moth repeller sachet popped into the bottom or looped over the coat hanger. My Jil Sander coat is on its 10th year, this year, and still looks absolutely new, despite the fact that I have worn it to death! Dry cleaning always seems like one of those ridiculous unnecessary expenses, but I think it’s worth it to prolong the life of a good coat.)

Sunday saw me walking the dog around Marylebone, spending some time with my brother and his girlfriend before they caught the train home. Later that day I was red-carpetting at the Empire Film Awards (a totally different story) and so I wanted to be comfortable and casual – the calm before the storm, if you will. I wore my new Cargo Skirt from Hush – what a little gem this is! Made from light grey cotton, it has all the hardiness of a denim skirt but the fabric is so soft to the touch. And it has more of a stretch than denim, too – it’s nice and forgiving around the waistband, if you catch my drift. (Tested that aspect properly with a Sunday pub lunch!) You can find the skirt here at Hush – I have a size 10.

And what better to go with the casual skirt than a pair of bright and funky Supra trainers? These are pink-and-white polka dot Vaiders and walking in them is like walking with air-bags inflated around your feet – properly, properly cushdy. They are actually on loan for a shoot I’m doing, but a full purchase is on the cards. I love my Converse, but in terms of comfort, there’s no comparison!

ruth crilly model style blog

Surprise success of the whole winter has been my M&S coat. I don’t know whether you remember this tweedy biker jacket from last Autumn, but it has been quite the sartorial “dark horse”. It sat tucked away in the coat cupboard when the weather was chilly, but on every day with even the hint of sunshine, it came on out to be thrown over jeans or skirts as a much lighter alternative to the heavy black winter coat. So useful was this tweedy number that I actually have my eye on another M&S coat – again, quite casual in style and relaxed in fit, but this one is slightly shorter and looser. It’s called a “car coat” and you can see it here – let me know what you think. I might be having a complete moment of madness.

PS: I always feel like a total dick in sunglasses, but I am trying to wear them more. Post-30, the squinty-wrinkles definitely become more of an issue!

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Charlotte Rampling for NARS

Charlotte Rampling Image Credit Nowness

Charlotte Rampling Image Credit: Nowness

It was announced a few weeks ago by that Charlotte Rampling has been signed as a face of NARS. She is 68. It’s the best possible news for women everywhere who feel disregarded by make-up and beauty brands.

The beauty industry is very guilty indeed of ignoring older women in campaign imagery. Yes, they want their pounds in the chase for skin that looks younger than it really is, but they never want to actually suggest ‘older’ women are their inspiration. From the super blandness of Lauder campaign faces that adorn every beauty hall to cookie cutter celebrity faces, we’re all blasted with imagery of beauty that doesn’t represent us. Now, I’m not anywhere near drawing my pension, but I think it’s a healthier outlook all round if we refocus on the fact that beauty isn’t age related.

Forthcoming trends in beauty are so focussed on older women – I can’t really remember a time when this has happened to the degree that it’s about to. So NARS is very wise because all eyes will be on the older woman. Mainly, I’m seeing trends in creams to address menopausal skin which beauty brands have suddenly realised might have a cash value to them! But, the sheer volume of creams for women at this stage of life that will be on shelf eventually is firmly bringing beauty and older women to the fore.

If beauty bloggers have done one amazing thing, it’s normalising beauty. Realising that anyone can, across social media, discuss beauty at any age and be very much welcomed for their views is one of beauty blogging’s greatest legacies.  Beauty blogging is such a leveller; age, race, religion and politics – all irrelevant when it comes to making and participating in conversation about beauty. Social media has shown brands that it’s not all about chasing a youth market and that age isn’t such a divisive factor in marketing as it used to be.

There is no good reason why older women should be left out of beauty – if you flick through any mainstream magazine, the predominant imagery for beauty is of younger women. But I truly sense change and hope that Charlotte Rampling for NARS is the tipping point for beauty brands to understand that being older is another dimension of beauty, not the end of it.

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