Giorgio Armani Bright Ribbon Collection

Giorgio Armani Bright Ribbon

The Giorgio Armani Bright Ribbon Collection is an unexpected mid-season capsule of six new shades for lips and six new shades for nails. It’s a mix of pastel and bright juicy shades that are really summery and fresh. Created for Giorgio Armani by Linda Cantello, inspiration is a summer garden. Above, from bottom clockwise: Coral 305, Coral 306, Plum 603 and Pink 509.

Bright Ribbon Swatch

As you can see, they’re sheer with a lovely sheen to them without being high gloss.

Bright Ribbon Nails

Nails are again a mix of brights and pastels – that creamy orange (501) is calling my name! My sample boxes are only numbered, not named so starting with pink and going clockwise: 300, 500 and 706.

The Giorgio Armani Bright Ribbon Collection launches this month so keep your eyes peeled for a splash of summer.

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Does what it Says: Spray-On Moisture

This Works In Transit Spray-On Moisture Review

I’m off on a quick trip to somewhere (hopefully) warm and I have the Spray-On Moisture from This Works safely tucked away in my hand luggage. It’s lovely, this spray, and it is most definitely being added to my list of “facial spritzers that actually do something”. (To read about the others, see here.)  It’s slightly different to many that I’ve tried because it contains a blend of plant oils, so there’s a proper dose of moisture there and not just some wishy washy water that’s going to evaporate off within seconds. As far as spritzes go, it’s actually quite heavy duty. More of a treatment than a “freshen up” – though it does feel as fresh and cooling as any other spritz. It’s just so much more than one of those water sprays – as usual, This Works have created a product that actually does exactly what it says on the tin. Spray-On Moisture. That’s what it does. Like the Deep Sleep pillow spray that sends you into a – you’ve guessed it – deep sleep. (You can find that here – sixteen quid well spent, let me tell you!)

This Works In Transit Spray-On Moisture Review

If you find your skin somewhat lacking in the moisture department then this little spritz would be a good one to have handy. Small enough to keep in your handbag or carry on with your in-flight toiletries, it contains Aloe Vera and so it’s soothing and calming as well as providing that little hydration hit. Great for pepping up tired makeup, but I’ve also been using it as part of my morning skincare routine, right after cleansing. Almost like a pre-serum step, though I suppose you could equally put it on after serum and before moisturiser… Experiment, go wild, let me know how you get on!

I haven’t tried the shower gel and body lotion that are pictured with the spray, but I will. Body duos don’t tend to float my boat, but I have a feeling that these will have something special up their sleeves.

This Works Spray-On Moisture is £18 with delivery from

Read about some other moisturising facial sprays that are worth the spend…

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Makeup Revolution Sneaky Peeks!

Make Up Revolution Blush Contour

Makeup Revolution Blush Contour

I’ve got some super sneaky peeks of the newness coming up for Makeup Revolution before I do the exclusive new product reveal in a couple of weeks. I literally don’t know anything about them yet, other than what you can see in the pictures. Obviously, Blush & Contour is exactly what it says on the box – loving the look of the peachy shades.

Makeup Revolution Palette

Makeup Revolution Palette

Obviously some new textures going on in the upcoming palettes…

Makeup Revolution Cover  Conceal

Makeup Revolution Cover & Conceal

And… a concelaer palette, looking very lush and smooth. I’ll update as soon as I can but that’s my Makeup Revolution Sneaky Peeks for now!

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4 Last-Minute Gifts for Mom!

One day really isn’t enough to recognize all those amazing mothers in our lives. Whether it’s your own mom, or a leading lady that has had significant impact in your life, they really do always know best and deserve the best. Especially after putting up with our attitudes, hair changes and love lives (or lack there of) for this long!

You know what else moms deserve? Some sweet treats! Who doesn’t love a little surprise & delight… We’ve put together a few fun gift ideas for all types of mothers in your life!

Mom On The Run:

When she only has 10 minutes between breakfast and running out the door, this set is perfect. Heck, she could even give herself a quick eye mask while cooking breakfast. Give her the tip of a lifetime: Layer it’s potent right above the cheek bone, let it set for 20 minutes and voilá! She’ll instantly get 2+ hours of sleep back. Then sweep gimme brow on those arches, benetint on her lips AND cheeks (double whammy? Yes, please!), a little POREfessional & they’re real! mascara and she’s good to go! Do they give awards out for being this quick?


Glossip Mom:

Neighbor kids, neighbor dogs, neighbors—you name it, she’s talkin’ about it, but of course we love her anyways. Give her something to really talk about with these poppy-pink favorites. Fakeup will conceal any dark circles (or secrets) she’s been hiding lately. Pair that with posietint on the apples of her cheeks and a hint of dandelion for a light pink flush. It’s best not to leave the house without mascara, layer those lashes with they’re real!, pop on some ultra-plush lip gloss in a-lister and she’ll be pink-poppin’ right out of the neighborhood.


Mod Mom:

We really appreciate these BADgal moms. They look at life and they’re like “Yes, I can raise a family & look flawle$$ at the same time!” Wait, is that just Beyoncé? Either way, getting a modern mom look is not as difficult as it sounds. Start by hiding any flaws with a layer of boi-ing, then move right into the eyes. A little longwear powder shadow in kiss me i’m tipsy will provide just the right amount of spice in all the right places. Mod Mom needs BADgal mascara, duh, two or three sweeps should do the trick! Finish with rockateur on the cheek bones and fling thing on the lips—then move aside, ’cause you do not want to get in her way.


Hawt Mom:

Now, we’re not talking TanMom here, we’re talking Hawt Mom, a.k.a. likes to soak up the sun on lunch breaks mom. Dream screen, our new invisible silky-matte sunscreen, will instantly become her new favorite. Then layer big easy all over for maximum SPF protection, while balancing moisture & controlling oil. Turn up the tan with chachatint on her lips & cheeks, contour with hoola under her cheek bones and jaw line, then minimize the shine with agent zero shine and soak up the sun!


Since we’re running so close to the big day, (did someone say procrastinator? Don’t feel bad, it’s our middle name), just pop into your nearest Benefit location & grab these goodies in a sinch! And while you’re there, make sure you pick something up for yourself too 😉

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Accessory Wednesday: Chanel Sunglasses

Vestiaire Collective Chanel Sunglasses

Vestiaire Collective Chanel Sunglasses

It’s a vice, I know, but I’ve got more pairs of Chanel sunglasses than I can count – over the years, I’ve kept every single pair and can still remember the horror of leaving my first pair in a changing room and then the relief that they had been picked up by staff who had them safe and sound (thank you Debenhams!). But, there’s no getting round the fact that they’re expensive. I’ve been using Vestiaire Collective for a while now – it’s a French site where you can buy used designer products (my first ever Dior bag came for there for about £350 I think, and I use it non-stop). The way they stop fakes is that everything is checked for authenticity by Vestiaire before it’s sent out to you. This means you wait a little longer for your products, but at least you know you haven’t been taken for a ride. So, I’m picking out some pairs for you to peruse – there is only one pair because they’re sold by individual sellers. The pair above costs £106 HERE.

Chanel Sunglasses 2

Chanel Sunglasses 2

Personally, I think if you’re splashing out then bells and whistles is a good thing – I love the detail on these which cost £171.05 HERE.

Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel Sunglasses

Not sure how wrong you can go with these! They’re gorgeous and a classic style in Tortoiseshell for £86.30  HERE. Everything I’ve had from Vestiaire has lived up to expectation, but with any pre-used item, get all the facts before you buy.

I’m including a link on how to spot fake Chanel Sunglasses HERE.

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