Why Should You Choose Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a concept that is defined by the increasing need for a less-polluting and more sustainable lifestyle. More and more people are starting to be conscious of the fact that they can have all the fun in life without being so destructive. In order to achieve this, sustainable fashion must be explored in depth, from ethical labour practices to environmental concerns.

When it comes to sustainability, there are many aspects that come into play. One aspect includes how clothing is produced – from where materials are sourced and what manufacturing techniques are used when creating your clothes. There are also ethical labour practices in place for workers in various countries that can greatly impact the quality of a product made out of sustainable fashion material.

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Fashion?

Things to Consider when Choosing a Sustainable Clothing Line

Sustainable clothing is a way to help the environment by cutting down on the amount of waste created by conventional clothing. One thing to consider when choosing a sustainable clothing line is how it is made. Some major considerations are the chemicals used in the process, how it is produced, where it was made, and who benefits from its sale.

Tips for Buying Less

Smaller, more sustainable fashion brands are popping up across the US. With the rise of these brands, consumers are finding ways to be more conscious of their purchases and avoid purchasing unnecessary pieces. It’s not about following trends or trying something new; it’s about not falling into the trap of impulse buying

One way to do this is to buy pieces that you know you will wear on a regular basis. For example, if you love wearing black leggings in the winter but want to change things up in the summer, look for styles that will work with shorts or dresses.

Buying less fashion pieces is a great way to be more sustainable. But how do you know what to buy? Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Look for clothing that has no labels, made of natural fibers, and fits your style
  • Check the tags on clothes for the materials they’re made of
  • Find alternatives to fast fashion like vintage pieces or thrifting

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a broad term and covers a wide range of clothing styles that focus on the materials and production processes that support sustainable use.

Some of the best things about choosing sustainable clothes are that they are made from more durable materials, they tend to be more expensive but last much longer, and some can even be recycled at the end of their lives, so now’s the time to make gradual changes towards more sustainable fashion.

Stepping Out For Spring In A Brand I Never Thought I Could Wear: The Surprising Places You Can Now Buy Curve Fashion

There have always been certain shops that are absolutely off limits for me; those that may not have catered for my fuller bust or curvier behind, those who think lycra is a pre-requisite for every kind of fabric, and those who make me feel like I’m forcing myself to be ‘on-trend’ just for the sake of being ‘on-trend’. It’s become a subconcious habit to begrungingly walk on by (or as in recent times, scroll on by) these store fronts and not even face the inevitable frustration that comes with finding nothing that works for my age or my shape, but over the last few years things have certainly started to change.

More and more retailers are expanding into curve collections, understanding that fashion shouldn’t stop at a size 14. The average dress size in the UK is a 16 and plus size clothing is due to account for 22% of the UK clothing market by 2022, growing at a significantly faster rate than the rest of the fashion market; that’s something not to be ignored or undervalued.

Gone are the days when curvy fashion concious consumers are an afterthought, serviced with a few butterfly cold-shoulder tops or hanky hemlines; they’re here to make a statement, rock the latest trends like their smaller sisters and spend their money on clothes that make them feel good. And finally, we can do so without compromise thanks to more high street names like Karen Millen expanding up to a size 24.

Can I get a hoorah?!

Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection

At the age of 38 this is the first time I’ve ever been able to comfortably wear a Karen Millen outfit, and I’m so excited to finally be able to slip into their exceptional quality designs and luxury fabrics. For years I envied my friends who could shop their beautiful designs with ease, but now they’ve created a range of plus size dresses, coats, tops, tees, trousers, shirts and so much more that I can finally enjoy – and isn’t this beautiful dress and coat combo just the perfect look for spring?

The floral midi dress is cut with just the perfect amount of flare to hug my curves in the most flattering way, without a bulge or bump in sight; the detailing around the neckline just adds an extra special detail, while the chunky waist belt elegantly finishes off the look in a way that makes it perfectly suited for Friday night drinks as much as a casual Sunday lunch with the fam.

Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection

It’s the coat that I’m utterly in love with though. The pleated skirt makes this feel like a look in itself, while the flare fit and trench detailing keep it fresh and feminine – it’s the perfect cover up for any springtime weddings or events you may already have in the diary. It’s quite heavy for a trench coat too, providing just the perfect amount of warmth, while the colour and texture of the fabric ensure it’s the absolute in transitional dressing.

Together they’re undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and this duo will inevitably see me all the way through the season and beyond. All I need to do is swap the chunky belt for a slimmer style, slip on a pair of heels, add a clutch bag and I’m ready for my diary to return to its former glory. I’m all for investment pieces that I can cherish and re-wear for years to come, and even more so for those wardrobe additions that can be dressed up or down in a multitude of ways to suit my mood; and these are just the ticket.

Karen Millen have certainly delivered when it comes to plus size party dresses and beyond – and I can’t wait to see what’s next from them.

Can you?

Karen Millen Plus Size Clothing: The New Curve Fashion Collection


Karen Millen Curve Soft Pleat Detail Trench | £199.00 (Now £149.25) | LINK

Karen Millen Curve Floral Midi Dress With Belt | £189.00 (Now £141.75) | LINK

Check out my post on 20 other places you can shop for plus size fashion here.

June 21st, I’m Ready For You…

And all of a sudden, the Covid blues hit me. For all the months spent keeping myself busy, positive and grateful, in the last couple of weeks I’ve fallen into a pretty dark pit of despair driven by the boredom and monotony of my current existence. I know I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head, a loving family (who are now mostly vaccinated,) a dog to give me cuddles and enough money coming in to comfortably pay my bills, but that doesn’t mean the situation we’ve been facing for almost a year hasn’t finally gotten on top of me. I’m fed up.

Fed up of spending pretty much every moment of the last few months in one of four rooms in my house; fed up of not being able to drop in on my family or see my mates for lunch; fed up of walking past pubs and restaurants and craving food and drink that hasn’t been prepared in my own kitchen; fed up of online shopping for clothes I have nowhere to wear; fed up of everything I’ve had in my diary being slowly cancelled or postponed once again.

So, June 21st. I’m ready for you. Like I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.

I don’t need the fancy holidays or big parties to look forward to – a Friday night drinking cocktails with a couple of my girlfriends would suffice. Just a reason to get dressed up and feel like ‘me’ again, after the last six months have been spent predominantly in stretchy loungewear that’s inevitably covered in muddy paw prints. Because I miss spending an hour doing the same hair and makeup that would take me ten minutes on any other occasion, I miss accessorising and I miss tottering about in high heels for the few minutes it takes to stride from door to car to car to booth.

The last twelve months have been tough for all of us, in many different ways, but the last few months have definitely made me feel more helpless and alone than I’ve ever felt in my life. I’ve wanted to be there for my family members who’ve been experiencing some hard hitting moments, and I’ve wanted them to be there for me too – but forced apart by a virus that takes no prisoners, we’ll just have to wait until Boris says some semblance of normal life can resume.

Because will we ever be the same again after this?

I’m worried I’ll forget how to be social, or find myself exhausted by human contact after a night amongst more than six people. I’m worried that we’ll all have health anxiety and will find it hard to do the most menial tasks that we before took for granted. I’m worried that my business will never fully recover, I’m worried that I won’t enjoy being in our capital city like I once did, and I’m worried that we’ll keep making excuses to not get on a plane.

We’re all grieving for the life we once led and the carefree attitude to life we once held, but with June 21st there’s the beacon of hope in front of us – that in theory life will return to ‘normal’ even if it takes a lot longer for us to find ourselves and our sense of balance once again.

So no matter what lays ahead of us, a nice dress and a G&T is a good place to start. See you there?


New Look Midi Dress | £27.99 (Now £20.99) | LINK

Topshop Glitter Heels | £35.00 | SIMILAR HERE

Furla Metropolis Handbag | £285.00 | LINK

Primark Fur Coat | £30.00 | SIMILAR HERE

Pictures taken in December just before we went from Tier 2 to 3 (and then 4!) and I managed to squeeze in a birthday meal.

Dressing To Improve Your Mood: Embracing Loungewear & Comfy Clothing Has Never Been More On-Trend

AD: Sponsored Feature In Partnership With Very

Only a year ago the thought of spending my day in a co-ordinating tracksuit would have left me reeling; my wardrobe was full to the brim with all manner of midi dresses, skirts and fancy tops to take my stretchy jeans from dull to distinguished, but there was barely a piece of relaxed loungewear in sight. My pyjama collection may have been extensive, but that was reserved for post-dinner attire only (thanks to spending the last eight years working from home and needing to be disciplined about dressing like I would in an office.)

It was lockdown 1.0 that found me embracing comfortable clothes like never before; with nowhere to go and no-one to see, comfort became more of a priority than ever and fluffy hoodies started to creep their way into my daily attire. With lockdown 2.0 on the horizon I had the foresight to stock up on a few more pieces of loungewear and coordinated pieces that I knew would help me to feel cosy and positive for the next few weeks, but with lockdown 3.0 I’ve taken it to a whole new level.

If it’s not stretchy, fluffy, cosy or oversized, I don’t want to know. Because, honestly, there’s something about comfy clothing that makes me feel unexpectedly safe, secure and grounded – and that’s exactly what we all need right now.

Dressing To Improve Your Mood: Cosy Loungewear To Boost WellbeingDressing To Improve Your Mood: Cosy Loungewear To Boost Wellbeing

Although I do miss getting dressed up and find myself doing so on occasion just to remind myself who I was before all this nonsense began, I’ve discovered that I’m a total loungewear convert and pulling on a co-ord really does help to improve my mood. A great set bridges the gap between wearing your PJs all day and getting all dressed up with nowhere to go perfectly; it makes you feel like you’ve made an effort and wouldn’t be embarrased to open the door to the postman or jump on a last minute Zoom call, but without zips or seams digging in as you sit at your desk for eight hours a day.

A two piece set feels intentional, like you’ve actually put on a whole outfit, and sometimes that’s what makes all the difference. A little normality, a little routine, but with a whole load of comfort thrown in for good measure. And I’m totally here for it – lockdown or otherwise.

Right now we’re all about self-care routines and looking after our wellbeing, but that extends beyond a long bath or a regular face mask… What you’re wearing can have just as much impact on your mood and positivity, so don’t underestimate the power of some decent loungewear!

Dressing To Improve Your Mood: Cosy Loungewear To Boost WellbeingDressing To Improve Your Mood: Cosy Loungewear To Boost Wellbeing


1  Opt for coordinating top and bottoms. There’s something about a full set that makes it feel intentional and chic, as well as being a super lazy way to feel like you’re dressed appropriately for the day ahead. I used to buy seperate tops and bottoms, but it all felt a bit mis-matched and like PJs; since I’ve invested in a few complete loungewear sets it’s made all the difference.

2  Invest in comfortable fabrics with a bit of stretch. If you don’t want to stroke yourself, you’re doing it wrong! Fabrics should be soft, fluffy, cosy, comfortable and have a bit of stretch so you don’t feel constricted.

3  Treat yourself to some luxe slippers. 2019 Hayley only had one pair of comedy flamingo slippers, but 2021 Hayley now has a growing collection of sassy home footwear that not only keep my tootsies warm but add that extra bit of luxury to my day. If I can’t carry a designer bag then slippers are the next best thing right now!

4  Add some accessories to make it feel like an outfit. Never underestimate the power of accessorising, even with loungewear; a little necklace and a pair of hoops will make you feel like you’ve intentionally coordinated a look – even if it’s just for your weekly team meeting and a trip to Tesco.

Dressing To Improve Your Mood: Cosy Loungewear To Boost WellbeingDressing To Improve Your Mood: Cosy Loungewear To Boost Wellbeing


Very V Neck Slouchy Co-ord Jumper | £22.00 | LINK

Very Co-ord Knitted Trouser | £25.00 | LINK

Hugo Cozy Slipper | £89.00 | LINK

Elomi Cate Underwire Bra | £42.00 | LINK

Check out the entire range of Very loungewear and style yourself comfy.

AD: this is a sponsored feature in partnership with Very; all opinions my own.

Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

The new year may have only just begun, but the Spring/Summer 2013 hair trends have already been unveiled! If you want to keep your hair on the cutting edge of fashion, consider trying out some of these brand-new styles.

Choose from the sophisticated ease of the bun with a new addition: intentional knots for dimension; get your low ponytail on with some simple hair accessories to add a new flare to the classic look, or try rocking some flowing waves for a carefree yet on-trend hair look. Read on to find out some of Spring/Summer 2013’s latest hair trends!

The Bun

Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

The bun hairstyle is one of the best for Spring/Summer 2013. This season, it’s all about the intricacy of the bun, with knots added into the style to give it new dimension. Go for a combination of chignon and ballerina bun when creating your style to ensure you get a catwalk-ready look.

The Braid

Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

Braids manage to appear incredibly complex while actually being deceptively simple. Have a go at recreating Jason Wu’s French braid (pictured), or braid sections of hair to create an equally stunning style. At Hershesons, you can buy braided headbands that can give you this look without any effort on your part whatsoever.

The Low Pony

Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

The ponytails seen on the catwalk for the Spring/Summer 2013 season take this style to the next level. With the use of some of the simplest hair accessories available, you can style an ultra-low ponytail just like the ones seen at Michael Kors (pictured).


Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

Gentle wavy hair conveys a sense of femininity and style. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or you use styling products to achieve this look, make sure the end result produces tumbling curls and gentle waves. You could use a heated curling iron when creating this style.


Spring/Summer 2013 Hairstyle Trends: Knotted Buns, Plaited Braids, Textured Waves And Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are set to be more important than ever in 2013, and if Chanel’s recent creation (pictured) is anything to go by, your accessories should be as opulent as possible. Of course, you’ll still need your old favorites to do the behind-the-scenes work, so you should keep a good stash of elastics, pins and hairbands at the ready.

You can find all of the accessories and style tips you need to ensure you’re ready for 2013 right here at Hershesons.

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