Anastasia “Cat Walk Palette” Review

Oh yes, muggies, it’s time for another palette review! I LOVE this time of year as every major makeup company releases their holiday set, so of course my job is tough buying and trying all these out 😉

Today’s review is the Anastasia “Cat Walk” palette- a neutral palette with 10 eyeshadows and a brush.

Catwalk Palette 01

The packaging in this palette is top notch, especially for the price.  The front cover has gold foil with embossed black velvet for the cheetah print. The overall palette is made of cardboard, but doesn’t look cheap at all.

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LASplash Glitter Review

I have a really fun review for you all today. With New Years quickly approaching, many of you will choose to use glitter to adorn your eyes to ring in 2013. Today I wanted to share with you some new glitters that I have been using and I absolutely love. These are very inexpensive and can be found at your local drugstores as well as some Ulta’s and the Makeup Geek Store. You get 2 grams of product in every container which will last quite a while. Each one comes with a sifter which I remove to easily access the glitter. I like that each of these are very finely milled which makes them easy to apply. They come in 18 vibrant shades to choose from and at only $8.99 they are half the price of MAC glitters.

I highly recommend these not only because of the great price, but the quality as well. They are very highly pigmented and come in a great color range. These are easy to find at most local drugstores and in the Makeup Geek store as well.

Tarte “Gorgeous Getaways” Palette Review

Hi Makeup Geeks!

I’m continuing my reviews of all the major makeup companies’ holiday palettes! I know, I know- it’s a tough job reviewing and trying out makeup palettes 😉  Today’s review is for the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways palette.  Hopefully this helps you decide which palettes to buy and which ones to pass!

Tarte Palette 01

The Packaging

I love the overall concept behind this. It comes in a standard cardboard box with 2 tiers inside. The first tier contains 4 separate quads. Each quad contains 4 eyeshadows and a blush for a total of 16 full size eyeshadows and 4 full size blushes. The palette opens up to a large mirror on the inside and YES the top of the palette remains open so you can use it to apply your makeup with ease. The bottom tier holds a gold compact and 3 full size lipglosses. Each quad can be easily removed and placed into the compact which makes it ideal to drop in your purse or makeup bag to take on the go. The size of the entire palette is somewhat bulky but that is to be expected with this much product.

Tarte Palette 02


As always, the quality of Tarte’s products are amazing.  They are not only pigmented, but also blend easily and have great staying power.  Tarte did a wonderful job combining both matte and shimmer finishes so you can do a multitude of looks with this. There aren’t any over the top vibrant shades in here, instead Tarte combined much more wearable and everyday colors that will look great on everyone. As for the blushes, they are very pigmented and blend into the skin very easily. I’ve ALWAYS loved Tarte’s blushes.  The lip glosses are also pigmented, but are just slightly tacky.

Tarte Palette 03

Eyeshadow Colors

  • Serengeti Sand – Matte Beige
  • Buckingham Palace – Shimmery Grey with Purple Tones
  • Rocky Mountains – Dark Warm Taupe
  • Bordeaux – Deep Shimmery Plum
  • Gold Coast – Metallic Gold
  • Eiffel Tower – Matte Charcoal Grey
  • Space Needle – Warm Shimmery Taupe
  • Midnight in Paris – Dark Charcoal Blue
  • Taj Mahal – Champagne Shimmer
  • Grand Canyon – Muted Matte Orange
  • Big Ben – Matte Taupe
  • Central Park – Matte Black Forest Green
  • Santorini Bikini – Shimmery Soft Pink
  • Great Sphynx – Shimmery Bronze/Brown
  • Pacific Sunset – Metallic Copper
  • Belgian Chocolate – Deep Satin Brown with Red Undertones


  • Savvy – Matte Rose
  • Ambitious – Matte Pink/Plum
  • Spontaneous – Bubblegum Pink with a Slight Shimmer
  • Lighthearted – Bright Pink


  • Czech Me Out – Rose with a Gold Shimmer
  • New York Minute – Bubblegum Pink
  • When in Rome – Pink/Coral

Price:   $48.00

Where to Buy:   Ulta   

I give this palette a big 2 thumbs up! I appreciate all the though that went into the palette and how useful they have made it. The quality of the makeup is very high and you get a lot of product for a very reasonable price. It is important to note this is available only at Ulta as it was an exclusive for them.

Hopefully, this will help you narrow down which palette you want to check out this season for yourself or for someone else. I hope you are all staying happy and healthy and have fun shopping!



Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 01  Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 02 Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 03 Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 04

Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Gloss Swacthes

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Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette Review

Youtube Review (w/ some other products)

Hello wonderful Makeup Geeks! It’s almost my favorite time of the year…FALL and I can’t wait!! I love doing fall inspired makeup looks with the stunning and vivid fall shades that become available during this time of the year. For the transition from summer into fall, I love doing a warmer toned eye and adding pops of summer shades. To make the shift and combine these two amazing seasons with today’s palette is perfect for just that.  I also wanted to let all of you know that being southern through and through, some of that may creep over into my reviews so enjoy!

Too Faced recently launched their new “Pretty Rebel” palette. I have to admit, I am a sucker for packaging! I always have to remind myself to get past the bells and whistles of the package on to the actual product itself. So to be perfectly honest, at first I wasn’t planning on getting this palette. It looked fun, but I own some of the other Too Faced Palettes and I was somewhat disappointed in them. My expectations weren’t high on this palette, but while visiting my local Ulta, I decided to check it out. Can I tell you how much I love this?!?!?! I do have a few things I would like to see changed, but overall this is by far my FAVORITE Too Faced palette.

So have a seat and let’s get started on this rebellious review!



Like I said before, I am a complete packaging sucker. It draws me in, and I have to remember to look past the packaging and look more closely at the product. This palette has a magnetic bar so it stays closed without having a latch. The construction is sturdy, although I wouldn’t recommend this for travel. This palette comes with a mirror on the inside, but this is where I have a problem with the packaging. If they are going to include a mirror for the palette please include hinges so it can stay open while trying to use it!


The “Pretty Rebel” palette contains 10 vibrant eye shadow shades. There are a few that don’t swatch too well, but perform much better when applying them. None of the shades are hard to blend, the textures are rich, buttery and very creamy. What I really loved, (besides the dreamy texture) was the insane pigmentation on these.  Too Faced has lacked somewhat in this department, but this palette certainly makes up for it! I used these  shadows over an eye shadow base and on a bare lid. I found no difference in the way they preformed each way lasting well over 8 hours.


The top row Left to Right:

Dainty – Pale pink with a matte finish. Perfect as a highlight or to brighten the inner corner of the eye. This is also great for toning down any of the brighter shades, or for making a shimmery shade less shimmery.

Charming – Matte brown with a burgundy finish. This shade was one of the most disappointing for me. It was chalkier than the others and it didn’t apply as well. I wish this had been more brown, as the burgundy tone doesn’t match everything in the palettes as well as a regular brown shade would have.

Girly – Green/Brown duo-chrome and one of my FAVORITE eye shadows of this bunch. It’s rich, buttery and oh so smooth. Applies like a dream and is a true duo-chrome shade.

Totally Fetch – Bright cool-toned fuchsia with a pearl finish. This is a true vibrant fuchsia with a luxurious feel and texture. It applies easily and looks amazing!

Miss Sparkles – Deep Black with silver glitter. This was not my favorite color. If I’m going to use black I prefer it to be matte. I wish they would have went in that direction instead of adding the sparkles. The texture is very soft which allows it to blend well, however it feels somewhat chalky. The pigmentation is o.k , but it does layer and build up well.


Bottom Row L to R

Ringleader – Pearl finished light peach. Stunning color with a creamy texture and great color payoff.

Gangsta – Warm bronzy – brown with a frosted finish. The texture on this is just like the others, creamy and smooth. The color payoff is amazing as well. I wish this would have been more of a transition shade, but it’s slightly too dark for that. Never the less, it’s an amazing shade.

Instigator – True metallic gold. This shade is fighting with “Girly” as my favorite in this palette! The color is absolutely stunning. It has a molten metallic look to it and the texture is perfection.

Badass – Medium dark blue with small flecks of silver. The texture was creamy and it didn’t blend as well as the others, although it still wasn’t  bad. The color payoff was also not as good as the rest of the shades but it can be built up.

Jail Bird – Metallic silver. If you are looking for a intensely pigmented silver then here it is! The pigmentation is crazy good and the texture is creamy and buttery smooth.

I love the concept behind this, the top row is your “pretty” and the bottom row is your “rebel”.

Overall this palette is amazing. It retails for $46.00 for 0.50 ounces. Each eye shadow is 0.05 ounces. I wish they would have made the shadows “Miss Sparkles” and “Badass” true matte shades instead of adding the glitter to them, because of that they are my least favorite eye shadows in this palette. So is this palette worth the money??….ABSOLUTELY!  You are  paying $4.60 for each eye shadow, which is almost unheard of. This palette also comes with ‘how-to” card including three different looks and how to do them. The quality of this palette and price completely make it worth it. The only downside is that this is a limited edition palette so you will have to pick it up quickly!

I hope that you are happy and blessed. See you soon!!!!


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Review: Kat Von D Esperanza Palette

Kat Von D Esperanza Palette

Hi Makeup Geeks! Today I wanted to review with you the Kat Von D Esperanza palette to see how it compares with the Spellbinding Palette I fell in love with during the holidays. So lets get started!

Kat von d Esperanza 03


Designed by Kat Von D herself, this limited edition palette is simply extraordinary!  This palette is made of a sturdy cardboard construction with a magnetic latch, small enough to take on the go, however I don’t recommend it for traveling. Containing 8 beautiful shades this palette is clearly labeled and opens to reveal a small mirror, however this palette doesn’t stay open, making it very difficult to use the mirror inside. True to the Kat Von D style, this palette is adorned with sugar skulls and flowers in vivid spring and summer shades. The palette itself comes in a sleek cardboard sleeve decorated in the same unique fashion.

Kat von d Esperanza 02


This palette contains 8 shadows, 2 glitter shades, 2 mattes, 1 pearl, 2 sparkles, and the transforming eye shadow. The concept of the palette is layering shades to create new and exciting looks each time you use it. Included in the palette is the “transformer” shade, used on top of the other shades to “transform” them into new and exciting colors. The majority of these eye shadows wore very well and were easy to work with, as the over all wear time was well over 7 hours with no fading or creasing.

Top Row L to R


  • Selena – Cool purple with silver glitter. When swatched this color seems vivid and bright, but when applied it seemed somewhat faded. The sparkles moved quite a bit while I wore this, and there was some fall out but not as much as I expected. It wore well and lasted for over 6 hours.
  • Dayglo (Transformer Shade) – Slightly green tinted white shade. This can be used on it’s own, although it will need an off -white or white base to really enhance the color. As a transformer shade, it transforms the colors giving them extra dimension and a unique finish. It can however be quite powdery, so it’s best to use carefully and pat the color on. I loved using this shadow over Placebo and Selena!
  • Galore #2 – A sister to Galore #1 in the Kat Von D Spellbinding palette, this shadow is a very pigmented soft peach with small pieces of glitter, while Galore #1 was more sheer. This shadow was easy to blend and work with.
  • Placebo – This is a medium coral matte shade that is very pigmented, and applied smoothly and evenly. While it can be hard to find matte shades that deliver both great color payoff and a creamy consistency, this shadow has both.

Kat von d Esperanza Swatches

Bottom Row L to R

  • Santeria – This shadow is a cool-toned charcoal grey with teal and silver sparkles. The pigmentation was great, it blended easy, and lasted well over 8 hours without creasing. This was anther great shade to pair with Dayglo.
  • Archangel – A light aqua with a satin finish. I wanted to love this color SO BADLY, especially with that name! When I swatched this the color payoff seemed relatively good, but when applied it sheered out to almost nothing. Even when swatching this color it was noticeably more powdery than the rest. I give this two thumbs down!
  • South – A true light matte beige, this had great pigmentation and was easy to apply and work with. For a very basic neutral shade, it’s a really great. I’m glad it was included in the palette and I found myself using this as more of a transition and blending color than anything else.
  • Dog Roses – A copper brown with gold sparkles. My other favorite from this palette, as it has great pigmentation and blends well. This shadow has less sparkle than Selena and there was much less fall out.

Overall I really like this palette. I adore the idea of a “transformer” shade that can morph your colors instantly and give you a different look! These shadows tend to be slightly more powdery than most shadows, but need to be that way for the transforming shadow to work. Is it worth the money…..YES! If you love colors and playing with shadows then I would definitely pick this up while you can. Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back for more reviews on new and exciting products!

Where to Buy: Sephora

Price: $36.00

Kat von d Esperanza 01

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