Dose of Colors Lipstick Review


Hello Makeup Geeks! Today I have a review for you of an up and coming cosmetics line that is doing some pretty amazing things. “Dose of Color” currently offers lipsticks, lip glosses and false lashes. I had the pleasure to meet the lovely owner, Anna at IMATS and she is incredibly passionate and motivated about her business. I know many of you may already be familiar with this line, but for those of you who aren’t I wanted to share a quick review of her lipsticks with you. 🙂

I have been wearing these lipsticks for the last couple of weeks and they are AMAZING!


These lipsticks come in a sleek, durable white tube which is a pleasant change from the typical black tubes seldom used by most makeup companies. My favorite part of this packaging design is being able to see the actual color at the bottom of the tube. This way, you can see the exact shade you’re looking for without the hassle of having to open the lipstick. These lipsticks retail for $16.00 and are currently available in 8 vibrant shades.

The Product

This lipsticks formula is exceptional; highly pigmented, creamy, and extremely smooth. In fact, these lipsticks are so pigmented that even after being wiped away, they leave a non- drying stain on the lips. This is ideal for a long day, when you don’t have time to worry about your lipstick smudging or having to re-apply. These lipsticks are all cruelty free, vegan friendly, gluten and paraben free. Continue reading

NARS Satin Lip Pencils Review

Hello my wonderful Makeup Geeks! Today I have a review for you of the NARS Satin Lip Pencils. I am not usually a huge fan of lip pencils just because they can be drying, but I really like these. The come in typical crayon fashion, are available in 13 shades and are really good. The one I am wearing now is “Yu”.

These are on the higher-end price wise which is typical for NARS as it is a high-end cosmetics company. These sell for $25.00 and contain .07 ounces of product. I do love that these are very moisturizing and even after they start to come off and have worn for a while they appear as a lip stain and not just a regular lipstick or pencil. The great thing about this is if you want to wear one of the brighter shades, but you are leery of bolder shades, you can simply apply the lip pencil and blot your lips for a more muted stained effect. These are very creamy and glide on smoothly and are very highly pigmented. I was actually very surprised at how much I liked them. The only downside was the price.

As for the packaging, I have never really like the “crayon” type lip pencils simply because I feel like a kid drawing on my face, but that’s my personal preference. The one complaint I do have about the packaging is with the lids. They are easy to remove, but unfortunately the lid doesn’t want to stay on very well. Because of this I have had the lid fall off a couple of mine and it messed up the lip color. For the price the lids should be better quality and remain on.

NARS Satin Lip Pencils

NARS Lip Pencil 03 NARS Lip Pencil 01

  • Floralies – Light Apricot (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Biscayne Park – Pink Guava (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Lodhi – Vibrant Coral (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Palais Royal – Sangria (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Majella – Garnet (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Luxembourg – Vivid Watermelon (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Yu – Shocking Pink (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Isola Bella – Peach Beige (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Rikugien – Rose Pink (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Het Loo – Cognac (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Golshan – Spiced Wine (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Hyde Park – Cardinal Red (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Jardin de Plante – Fuchsia (NARS)

NARS Lipstick Swatches 01

NARS Lipstick Swatches 02


  • Non Drying
  • Creamy
  • Moisturizing
  • Give a Nice Stained Effect
  • Very Highly Pigmented


  • Price
  • Packaging

So let me know what you all think of these new lip pencils if you already have them or if you buy a few for yourself. And I hope each and everyone of you are staying happy and healthy!



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SMACKDOWN: DiorSkin vs. Sephora Spray Foundation

Sephora_DiorSkin Spray Foundation WP Banner

Hi Makeup Geeks!

It’s been a little bit since I did a product smackdown (yes, I’ve been slacking this summer 😉 )  If you’re new and haven’t seen any of my previous product smackdowns before, it’s where I do a comparison of two exact same products: one high end and one cheaper version. I compare all the qualities both good and bad, and pick a winner.   This way you can save some money if the cheaper version is better!  (more money to buy some more shoes- oh yeah!)

DiorSkin Spray Foundation

 DiorSkin Airflash Foundation

I have been using this aerosol foundation for over a year now and absolutely love it!  What I don’t love is the price.  At over $60 a pop, I could be getting a mani/pedi or a pair of cute shoes or something.  BUT, I won’t be mad at Dior for this high price as it still is a wonderful product.

I don’t use it but a few times a month- usually when I’m in a hurry as it’s very quick to get that flawless finish.  Just spray and go!  If you’d like to


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great coverage- is buildable.  The more you spray on, the more coverage you get
  • Finish is flawless.  It doesn’t look cakey or heavy and it has an almost airbrushed look
  • Comes in 10 colors


  • Too expensive
Price:  $62
Where to Buy:    Sephora .  Amazon

Sephora Spray Foundation

Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

Awhile back, Sephora had another aerosol foundation that sucked.  Yep, it sucked REALLY bad.  Came out in a messy blob, smelled funny, didn’t cover your skin at all.  Was horrible!   So I wasn’t so excited to try this one out, but decided to give it another shot anyways.  I have to say that this isn’t like the old one at all- I’m really impressed!  Nice save Sephora 😉

This newest air foundation works just like the DiorSkin one.  It’s fairly pigmented, covers well, and doesn’t blob all over the place. You can’t beat the price difference between this and the Dior either. The Sephora one is $26 vs the $62 (ouch!) for the Dior.  The only disadvantage is the small range of colors- just 5.

I’ve used this 4 times now and it’s never not sprayed correctly, and it dries to a nice satin finish.  If you want fuller coverage, just spray another coat.

SO… the winner for this smackdown goes to….. SEPHORA!!!


  • Much cheaper than Dior
  • Gives an airbrush finish to the skin
  • Covers well and leaves a satin finish to the skin
  • Quick and easy to use- perfect for on the go!


  • Not enough colors
  • Smells a little
Price:  $26
Where to Buy:    Sephora 

Regards –

Cargo: “Let’s Meet in Paris” Holiday Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hi Makeup Geeks! As you all know, every year around the holidays I go on my search for the best makeup palettes released by the big cosmetics companies, then I review each of them individually for you and at the end pick my favorite one of the year. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it…:-)

This way you get to see the best palettes and what they have to offer, so let’s kick things off this holiday season with our first review!

Cargo Palette 02

“Let’s Meet In Paris” Holiday Eye Shadow Palette


OK, seriously does this packaging alone look as if it were made with me in mind?! I am in LOVE with this packaging. If I were to design a palette it would be very similar to this. The palette wrapped in metallic luxe baroque fabric which gives it a luxurious look and feel. It has a magnetic closure and is a sturdy plastic on the inside. This palette is very durable and very well made, they paid a lot of attention to the packaging on this. It does come with a dual-ended brush with one end being a shader and the other end being a slanted liner brush. The Cargo palette is 7.5 x 3.5 and contains 12 shades of metallic eye shadows. It retails for $39.00 which is a great price for what you get.


These are creamy, velvety and very smooth. They are highly pigmented and blend like a dream. It’s so fun for me to see the names on this because of my love for the city of Paris. I really like how there is a mixture of both vibrant colors and neutrals shades. This is a great palette that can be used to do complete looks without having to pull out any other shades to add with it which makes the palette more wearable and user friendly. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is if they had made Bastille, Beret or Cafe a matte shade since there are so many metallic/shimmers since then there would have been a good mixture of shimmer and matte finishes. Continue reading

Too Faced “A Few of My Favorite Things” Palette Review

Hi Makeup Geeks!

Here’s another review of a new holiday palette- this one is the Too Faced “A Few of My Favorite Things”.  I’m having a lot of fun reviewing all these for you all, and hopefully it helps you decide which palettes to get this year!  Have fun shopping 🙂

Too Faced 'A Few of My Fav Things' Palette 05

Too Faced 'A Few of My Fav Things' Palette 01 Continue reading