Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials Review

If a little like myself you aren’t currently sure what day of the week it is, let alone what your skin really needs you may just find the new Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials sets nothing short of miraculous. 

Prior to the pandemic my skin was certifiably oily and after close to a year of pretty much being house-bound, it is now closer to being combination and prone to dehydration. It’s been fun – pronounced taxing in this instance – re- learning what works for my complexion and what doesn’t.

If that sounds all too familiar, then the Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials sets could be just what you are looking for; four curated kits that feature a cleanser, toner and moisturiser targeting specific skin concerns. Not only is each product full sized but the items come presented in a wash bag perfect for travel and in general storage.

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials Review

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials Review

As mentioned my skin is now combination and frankly a pain in the backside; my t-zone is very oily and the perimeter of my face is verging on dry but is probably best described as dehydrated, couple that with an eczema flair up and you have quite the party. What I have learnt over the years is that when my skin does have a meltdown, it is best to strip it back to the very basics and let it recuperate. With The Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials I can do just that, the only additional products I’ll be relying on is an eye cream and SPF…I’ll add additional treatments and solutions as I see fit but for now this is a great base.

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials Review

Inside the Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials for combination skin types you will find:

Temple Spa Dual Act Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion, 150 ml/£21

Temple Spa Toning Essence Essential Mist Tonic Without the Alcohol, 150 ml/£16

Temple Spa Moisture to Go Balancing Moisturiser, 50 ml/£38

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials Review

The products within the Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials combined would cost £75 but if you buy as a kit you save £10 and also gain the handy, travel/wash bag.

I think this is a great way to try Temple Spa skincare that is tailored to your specific complexion needs, not to mention it makes a great gift too.

Temple Spa My Kinda Skin Essentials kits £65 each – link.

Cleanzi Mitt Review

Cleanzi SkinbySam Cleansing Mitt Review

With bamboo make-up removing pads, quickly becoming the norm for many of us, you may be on the lookout for other reusable cleansing methods? If so, you may be interested in the rather cute but beyond practical Cleanzi Mitt.

Cleanzi SkinbySam Cleansing Mitt Review

As pretty as the physical Cleanzi Mitt happens to be, I urge you to look beyond this and don’t fob it off as a novelty product. Rather this is a clever cleansing aide, that will quickly becomes a staple in many daily routines – so much so, that after a week of trial, I do find myself a little lost without my Cleanzi Mitt when it is in the washing machine.

Cleanzi SkinbySam Cleansing Mitt Review

Cleanzi SkinbySam Cleansing Mitt Review

The Cleanzi Mitt is fairly multi-purpose and offers dual cleansing options; one side is constructed of a soft, micro-fibre material to offer gentle yet effective cleansing and the other, is a slightly rougher in texture pad, to help exfoliate the face and neck. Now Cleanzi do not market their mitt with the intention of using it on the body, nor do they claim that it is great at removing self-tanner but curiosity did get the better of me. I can gladly report that not only does it leave the skin feeling soft and supple but it removes even the toughest of fake tan stains.

Cleanzi SkinbySam Cleansing Mitt Review

For me the biggest draw to the Cleanzi Mitt is it’s size, sure I use and enjoy Bamboo Pads but I have to use several per cleanse which quickly amounts up. With the Cleanzi Mitt it’s a one-and-done type of scenario meaning I don’t have to route around my bathroom for several pads, wipes or face cloths. As an added bonus the Cleanzi Mitt is machine washable and will remain as good as new for up to 350 washes too.

You can find the Cleanzi Mitt £13.95 via Amazon – link.

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Vegan Friendly Morning Skincare Routine.

My morning skincare routine is brief. I’m not a morning person at all, between getting ready for work and trying to chase down the small boy to get him ready too, there are about 5 minutes left just for me. 

I love using bar soap to wash my face in the morning, obviously one specifically for my face and not just any old bar of soap. Currently, I’m using the Gallinée Prebiotic Cleansing Bar (£10) It smells mild, fresh and a little sweet and really freshens up my complexion in the morning with a gentle creamy lather. The bar is actually soap-free and “is made from gentle cleansing actives in a solid form, called a Syndet.” Whatever that is, I’m digging it and so is my face.

Next up is a crucial step, and possibly my favourite. Toning! Spritzing! A good ol’ mist! I’m obsessed with the Tropic Vitamin Toner (£14) lately. The scent, the airy light mist, the cooling effect, all dreamy. Packed full of nourishing, soothing and hydrating liquid ingredients, it’s the best wake up call in the morning.

Next, we have the serum stage. My skin is super fussy and problematic with the colder weather (and perhaps my sugary filled diet as of late) so I’ve been trialling the Tropic Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum (£42) This water-based blue serum smells like watermelon and contains clever vitamins and minerals, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid to keep skin in tip-top condition. I’ve only been using the serum for about 2 weeks now, but I really rate it for healing blemishes. I also like to mix it in the morning with my final layer – moisturiser, to save time!

My moisturiser of choice lately has been the Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream (£25.50). A purchase for dry winter-worn skin and serious sensitivity. I was looking for a cream that was free from jojoba and coconut, with pretty simple ingredients and this fit the bill nicely. The cream itself is thick, really thick, like butter! I only need to use a dab or else my skin ends up smeared in a thick cream that takes an age to sink in. It’s great to slather on any sore bits or if my dermatitis flares up, though! 

I really like how this makes my skin look really nourished and plump with makeup, a huge win especially as I prefer to use powder foundation. My only negative is the jar packaging, which is a shame as I know it used to come packaged in a tube!

What do you think of my speedy skincare routine?


P.S. Lovelula currently have a Galinee gift with purchase! Spend £30 on the range & get the cleansing bar for free! Well worth a look.

P.P.S. This post contains gifted product but does not affect my as always honest opinion.