Chanel Summer Makeup Collection: My Top Picks

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I’ve been playing about with the Chanel Summer 2015 Makeup Collection – Méditerranée – and am completely head over heels with pretty much all of it. But especially – and this was something of a surprise to me – the “Stylo” eyeshadows, which are basically very lightweight cream eyeshadows in a stick. I have a love-hate relationship with cream eyeshadows because although they look glam on the lids and usually have the most intense (often metallic) shine, they can be a bit messy to apply and blend. Especially if you’re the kind of person (me) who just jams their finger into the pot and hopes for the best.

stylo eyeshadows chanel

Not so with Chanel’s little eyeshadow numbers; you just take the lid off and scribble. If you want to, you can use a finger or brush to blend out the edges (I did in the pictures on this page), but the ends of the Stylo Eyeshadow are actually quite small, making application reasonably neat and precise.

chanel makeup summer 2015

I used the gorgeous Laurier Rose on my lids – the most flattering coppery-pink – and then Caroube, a shimmering bronze-cocoa, to define the lashline and add some drama to the outer corners of the eye.

chanel stylo eyeshadow caroube

I didn’t blend Caroube at all – just drew it on and left it to set. Which takes all of about two seconds. So that’s a warning to those who do want to blend: you need to have finger/brush ready to go as you’re applying the shadow. If you try to go back and blend after ten seconds – even five! – everything is set in place and the deed is done. Brilliant, because this is makeup at its fastest and most convenient – no dirty fingertips, no pots to fumble with, no brushes gathering fluff in the bottom of your handbag. Not so great for the disorganised, but – as I said – the tips of the shadow pens are really precise, so you can just scribble away sans blending if you want to. (Find them here online.)

chanel lumiere d'ete illuminating powder

I’m also rather enamoured with the Lumière d’Été, which is labelled an “Illuminating Powder” but works best (on me, at least) as a light, luminous bronzer. It’s too dark to be a highlighter and actually, even as a bronzer you have to tread carefully as tone-wise it’s on the warmer side… But swept lightly over cheeks, temples and decolletage it imparts a beautiful summery glow. And man is it pretty to look at! (Find it online here.)

chanel coco shine reveuse

I’m wearing the Lumière d’Été in all of the photos on this page – you can hopefully see how it warms the skin up. It’s a very soft and fine glow. And you can see in the photograph above my last favourite pick from the collection; the Rouge Coco Shine in Réveuse. A sumptuous, buttery nude with just the right amount of peachy-pinkness. So chic, so easy to wear and a great place to start if you want a “my lips but better”, balmy-textured lipstick to see you through the summer. Find it online here.

You can find the whole collection of Chanel Makeup Summer 2015 at House of Fraser here.

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