Chanel Tisse d’Automne: A Pinkish Greenish Delight

Chanel Tisse d'Automne Eyeshadow Quad

One to grab before it goes; Chanel’s gorgeous Tisse d’Automne eyeshadow palette. The Les 4 Ombres shadow quads from Chanel are nearly always great – flattering, wearable shade combinations with silky powder formulas that are easy to blend – but Tisse d’Automne has a bit of extra edge. Four beautifully warm and rich shadows, two with a pinkish tone (top and bottom in the photograph above) and the other two (pictured left and right) most definitely greenish. I wouldn’t usually touch a greenish shadow because it’s so out of my usual colour comfort range, but the golden green and dark, brownish olive in this palette seem to work with the pinkish shades perfectly. It’s all a bit of a pinkish, greenish delight!

Chanel Tisse d'Automne Eyeshadow Quad

There’s something for everyone here; a grungey look with the gold and the dark olive, or the classic “nude” eye using the pink as a base and the warm, bright caramel to add contour and depth. (Pretty much what I did above, but with some darker olive blended into the crease.)

You can still find Tisse d’Automne online at 

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