Dior Tie Dye: Tan Glow Enhancing Powder

dior tie dye blush glow enhancing powder

I don’t mind telling you that this blush and I got off to a bit of a rocky start. I applied it all over my face like a maniac, thinking that I’d given myself a “healthy glow” when in fact I’d turned myself orange. (Cue Mr AMR “what have you done to your face? It’s completely orange!) Had I been a professional, I would have started off gently-gently to see what kind of tone this powder imparted – it is, after all, labelled a “Tan Glow Enhancer” and is supposed to “impart a sunny glow”. And a sunny glow over the whole face is perhaps not wise.

When I got to grips with the Dior Tie Dye Edition Tan Glow Enhancing Powder (and breathe) I realised that I liked it best when worn as a blush. Perhaps on more tanned skin it would look great whacked on all over as a complexion enhancer but it’s possibly just a little bit too bright for me to use in that way! Here’s my skin before using the Tie Dye Powder:


I like this glow! It’s certainly very summery and yes, I can see how it would enhance a tan. Possibly the Pink Sunrise version would work better with my complexion, but the Coral Sunrise, demonstrated, does have a very pleasing apricot hue. It does something clever to the skin, but I can’t quite pinpoint what. Revives it? Stops a “sunkissed” tone from looking too flat and brownish? What do you think?

You can find the Dior Tie Dye Blush / Tan Enhancing Powder at Escentual.com here – it’s £36.

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