Do You Struggle Getting Your Eyeliner Straight & Even? You NEED The Beauty Blender Liner Designer!

I had a conversation with a friend the other day which involved muttering the immortal line “does anyone even *wear* khol anymore?” Liquid eyeliner has definitely had its moment over the last couple of years, with statement big winged looks being the makeup skill most desired; it may have started with Sofia Loren, but it’s evolved into something incredibly modern and edgy – it’s the simplest way to finish your look and add a subtle twist to ‘no makeup makeup’. I’m a big fan of the wing, but it’s taken me an age to pick up the skills required to make it half decent: get the angle wrong, the length too big or the symmetry completely wonky and it’s all ruined. How many mornings have you spent trying to even out your liner in the mirror, just for the whole look to keep getting bigger and bigger until you resemble a Winehouse tribute act? Well, if that’s a common issue for you then you simply NEED this little gadget from Beauty Blender in your life – because, *dramatic voice* let me assure you, it will change it.

This unassuming little rubber triangle (rather fetchingly called Beauty Blender Liner Designer and looks closer to a guitar pick than I’d probably like,) can be placed along the base of the lower lid to create the perfect angle for your flick. You simply place it where you need it to go and draw along the edge using your eyeliner pen, paying attention to the length of the flick; because of the texture and material it’s impossible for it to bleed or smudge, leaving behind a clean and sharp line that’s incomparable to what I can achieve freehand. Replicate this on the other side, using the line you’ve already drawn and the residue on the tool (you can see the line on the edge, so you can use that as a guide on the other eye!) to create the most symmetrical pair of wings you’ll have ever seen.

Although it’s a little flimsy piece of plastic, it does come in a case to prevent it from getting dirty or lost – which also features a handy mirror if you need to use one on the go. The Liner Designer is easy to wash by running it under the sink or cleaning with a face wipe, ensuring it’s reusable and probably going to last you for as long as you can find it. At £10.00 it does seem expensive for a little triangle of rubber, but the idea and ease of use makes it thoroughly worth that crisp ten pound note; I honestly don’t know how I used to create flicks without this! If you’re feeling thrifty you could probably create your own or find one on eBay for a fraction of the price, but I’m all over this like a rash. Those little things you never knew you needed eh?

The Beauty Blender Liner Designer is available online, priced from £10.00
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