Dolce & Gabbana, Summer In Italy. Sizzle Sizzle…

summer in italy collection dolce & gabbana

I’ve been playing about with Dolce & Gabbana’s Summer In Italy collection, which includes a lemon yellow eyeshadow, a creamy gold shimmer pot for face and eyes and a bronzer with the most colourful packaging I’ve ever seen.

summer in italy collection dolce & gabbana

The matte eye monos are unbelievably pigmented, and I’m having great fun with the Turquoise one (though not quite ready to go out in it until I’ve honed the application technique), but it’s the lipstick and nail polish in Orange that I’ve found most instantly wearable.

Sizzle sizzle. I’m wearing NARS Tinted Moisturizer (Alaska Light 2) with about eight tonnes of D&G’s The Sicilian Bronzer over the top, Chanel mascara in Rouge Noir on my eyes and, on my lips, the Classic Cream Lipstick in Orange. (Find it here.) It’s a great holiday shade, slightly more flattering, I think, than the pinkier corals that always come out for the summer. Though I suppose that depends on your skin tone.

Stay tuned for more on this collection – you won’t believe how bright the turquoise eyeshadow is. It messes up my camera settings because (I think) the lens just goes “what the hell am I seeing here? It’s like nothing else on earth!”

You can find the Summer In Italy collection in its entirety at Harrods here – the nail polishes have particularly good wear and are smooth and easy to apply.


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