Exfoliating Skincare: Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar

philosophy renewed hope in a jar

I mentioned Philosophy’s Renewed Hope In A Jar in the May Favourites, but it most certainly deserves its own post. This is turning out to be a very promising day cream for those looking for something that will renew and refine the skin, tackle fine lines and make dull skin a good deal brighter. Renewed Hope In A Jar has three different exfoliating acids packed into the formula – glycolic, mandelic and citric – but there’s no harsh tingling sensations with this one and it seems to do the trick very well in terms of keeping the skin smooth and clear. I have tried to stay away from my usual acid exfoliants during pregnancy because they really didn’t agree with my skin from the very start, but I chanced it with this one because of the gentle, comfortable feel of the cream and the light texture.

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I’ve had no problems whatsoever – not even the telltale redness around the nose, which is usually where any sensitivities seem to reveal themselves on my face! I’m really pleased with this one. It’s not the richest or most hydrating cream in the world, but then that’s not its main agenda; I see it as more of a light hydrator that focuses on gentle acid exfoliation. I’ve been using it on days when I’ve been indoors for the majority of the time; make sure you follow up with a good SPF if you’re going to be gadding around outside. (Loads of SPF recommendations here.)

You can find Philosophy’s Renewed Hope In A Jar online here – it’s £35.50 for a whopping great 60ml, which I think is excellent value. I’ve seen some reviews complaining about fragrance being included in the formula, but it must be absolutely tiny amounts, because I can barely smell any. Until I looked at the ingredients list, I actually thought it was an unscented product!


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