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ohh deer and nuuna notebooks

There’s something about a fresh notepad with its crisp white pages, or a beautifully bound book waiting to be opened for the first time… I can absolutely see why the term “Stationery P*rn” exists. Here’s my little roundup of some of the papery things that have taken my fancy recently – all would make excellent Christmas presents, whether proper or “stocking filler”.

nuuna and ohh deer stationery

From left to right, the amazing Nuuna leather notebook (£18 here) and the “Artemis” lined paper notebook from brilliant online store Ohh Deer, £7.95 here. I almost feel as though the Artemis deserves to be framed on the wall!

fifi lapin notebook

On the more cutesy end of the scale, there’s a sweet little spiral-bound hard-backed notebook from Fifi Lapin – that one is £7 at here; the little post-it note markers are also Fifi Lapin at Boots, they cost £4 here, and it’s 3-for-2 at the moment if you fancied throwing in something extra!

The pastel animal jotters are from a pack of three at Ohh Deer: £5.95 here. You can also get the cat one (blatantly the best one, because…cats) as an A4 version – that is here.

stationery for christmas

And for the cooler customer? No frills and rabbits here: smart green leather, quirky doodles and…a tin of sardines.

sardine paper clips

These sardine paper clips have really tickled my fancy! What a great idea. You can find them at Ohh Deer by clicking here. (Unintentional bit of poetry there for you.)

The Notes to Selfie mini pad is by my mate Jim Chapman and perfect to keep in your coat pocket (it’s very sweet and teeny) for jotting down those urgent thoughts and observations. Find it here – it’s £2.

smythson notebook

From thoughts and observations to “Inspirations and Ideas”: Smythson’s Inspirations and Ideas panama notebook. You can find absolutely loads of different notebooks and journals on Smythson, all in different sizes and colours. You can also devise your own personal message or motto. Prices start at £25 for a teeny-tiny notebook, but everything comes smartly boxed and feels very special and – importantly – needs no extra wrapping.


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