Fenwick Here I Am Beauty Bag

Fenwick Here I Am

If you are a regular reader of BBB then you’ll know I get teased about the amount of time I spend in Fenwick – but it just happens to be the most convenient place to have meetings (right tube stop). Sometimes I feel like part of the furniture. But, the convenience of Fenwick as a meeting place means that I’ve seen its evolution from fusty to fabulous over the last couple of years; every time I go, my credit card is in danger, thanks to tight edits and creative buying. When a store feels like the right fit for you, then it’s quite a wonderful thing. Plus, going forward, they allow dogs, and since Coco died, Honey is going to have to start coming with me to meetings. Let’s hope she behaves herself in Lingerie. So, right now, Fenwick have art installations, celebrating who they are now but also their creative journey. It’s called Here I Am (can we have purses and clutches with this.. it’s a mantra for life!) and artworks are created by Andrei Robu. Along with the installations is the Here I Am beauty bag… a spend of £200 in the beauty hall (all too easily done,… Read More

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