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carven le parfum

Some gorgeously fresh and uplifting summer smells; I’ve put these items into a special box that I’m travelling about with (alongside my amazing body oil from Aurelia) so that I can create beautiful little “scent environments” wherever I go. (I still have two house moves before I can get back into my own home, believe it or not. The whole house project kind of spun out of control.)

The first item is from LAFCO and is a Chamomile Lavender scented soap. Quite an unusual and almost masculine smell, it caught my attention even with all of the wrappings still on, so you can only imagine how it’s throwing its fragrance around now it’s unboxed! I might actually pop this in with my lingerie so that when I’m feeling all tired and soaked in breastmilk and baby sick I can at least have nice-smelling (large, unsexy) knickers! (You can find LAFCO at Net-a-Porter here.)

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Next, Jo Malone’s White Lilac & Rhubarb candle. I like this whole floral/fruity vibe (see also the Figuier fragrances from an earlier post) and the proceeds from these candles go to Jo Malone’s Community Gardens project, dedicated to helping people in vulnerable or deprived situations. You can read more here – the candle is £42. *UPDATE: I wrote this post ages ago – the candle will have sold out by now, but the Gardens project is an ongoing one so do keep a lookout for further special product launches.

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Lastly there’s Le Parfum from Carven. I’m late to the party with this fragrance – it’s by no means new – but it has that perfect cool, light freshness that I crave from a fragrance when the weather turns hot and stuffy. It’s like clean linen, sparkling lemonade and apricot sorbet (if such a thing exists) all at once. Really very revitalising, but at the same time delicate and feminine. No clod-hopping citrus or heavy-handed florals, just a fine, clean scent. Find it in 30ml or 100ml (with 10% discount) here.

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Your own favourite fresh summer smells? Let me know in the comments below!

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