Get Ready With Me: Jimmy Choo Dinner

I like to be able to give a running commentary on the reasoning behind my ridiculously inept makeup processes, otherwise they sometimes just look a bit…inept. What do you think? Do you like makeup tutorials or do you prefer music in videos? I sort of think that music makes the dull parts a bit more interesting, rather than having that awkward silence as you spend three minutes blending your foundation in, but my God is it hard not talking. I mean really hard. I have to make a conscious effort not to open my mouth.

Maybe that means that I should only do talking videos. Or perhaps I should have some background music for the bits when I’m quiet (which is probably only about 0.4% of any given video) but talk my way through the rest. I’m rambling, but let me know your thoughts. You are, as ever, my trusted advisors.

I’m reviewing or re-videoing quite a few of the makeup items shown in the video, so please don’t despair if you want to know more about them. The Chanel palette, the Becca foundation, the Benefit brow stuff, they’re all definitely getting their own little blog posts tout suite. All products are listed beneath the video pane, too, for easy reference…


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