Giveaway: Christophe Robin Luxury Regenerating Haircare

Christophe Robin Regenerating Haircare

I’m starting the new week with an incredibly decadent giveaway for you. Do you remember my summer love affair with the Christophe Robin volumising haircare à la rose? Beautiful, bouncifying shampoo and conditioner with the most delicate rose scent? (If you don’t remember then you can remind yourselves here.) Well. There’s something even newer from hair colourist extraordinaire Christophe  – the Regenerating Collection – and I have five whole sets of it to give away!

Christophe Robin Regenerating Haircare

Christophe Robin’s Regenerating Collection has, at its core, the Regnerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil; a highly concentrated deep conditioning mask that helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair. A bit of a Google on Prickly Pear Seed Oil throws up the fact that it has a record concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamin E – twice as much as argan oil! Bring it on.

I tried this mask in the summer and it was incredibly powerful – I rather overdid it, I think, because you only need the tiniest amount. It’s a total hair treatment – you massage in from roots right down to the tips so that the scalp is stimulated as well as the lengths being cared for. But the result is stronger, healthier-feeling hair – it’s the perfect kind of mask to use when you’re having a long beauty session in the bath. I collect disposable shower caps from hotels for precisely this type of event; I squeeze all the water from my freshly-washed hair, apply a mask and wind my hair up on to the top of my head before putting on the cap. It stops my hair from going into the water when I relax back into the bath.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Haircare

Where was I? The Regenerating Collection. There’s now a rich, creamy shampoo (again, enriched with prickly pear oil) and a multi-use, intense repair balm. The repair balm is brilliant for dry ends, especially if you have your hair coloured on a regular basis and have ends like straw. Just a tiny amount melted between fingertips can be used to add a bit of definition, too – kind of like a styling wax, but massively conditioning at the same time. It’s non-sticky and can also be used on lips as a salve, on dry skin anywhere on the face or body and as a soothing balm post-shave.

Christophe Robin Regenerating Haircare

I have five sets of this gorgeous Regenerating Collection to give away, each comprising a shampoo (worth £30) a mask (worth £51) and a balm (worth £29). The total value of each set is a massive £110 so this is truly the haircare routine of dreams. If your hair is in need of some intensive care then this is the ultimate prize…

To be in with the chance of winning, leave a comment below, making sure that you enter your email address into the form where prompted. (This won’t be visible to anyone else.) If you’re feeling generous then you can share this post, tweet about it or subscribe to my newsletter, but it’s not obligatory.

I’m just trying my luck. Ha.

One entry per person, this is open worldwide and the giveaway closes at noon on Friday (29th January 2016). Winners will be picked at random on Friday and announced in the Sunday Tittle Tattle. Good luck everyone! If you’d like to take a look at the full range from Christophe Robin, it’s on LookFantastic here. My love affair with the rose range is still very much alive – I’m almost through the second lot.

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