Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

Grow Gorgeous

Deciem are quick to put their spin on the current trend for sleeping masks – their first overnight mask is for hair with Overnight To Gorgeous, with some absolutely beautiful detailing on the packaging. There are very few hair masks on the market that you apply to dry hair. I hate washing my hair – if there is one beauty chore that I’d happily ditch, it’s that. It’s not so much the washing, it’s more the drying, so if you add in a mask after shampooing, 99 times out of 100, the instructions are that you have leave it for twenty minutes or so before having to get back into the shower you’ve just left to rinse it off. I object to getting back in! That’s another shivery dry to do when I didn’t even want to do the first one. I know, I’m making a fuss.. but it is my beauty bug-bear. So the good thing about the Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask is that you apply it to dry hair. Whew! Then the very most you have to do is sleep before washing and rinsing in the morning. The mask formula is very light so you’re not lying with a… Read More

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