Haircuts, Homebase and Hinges…

Starting the week with a new vlog. One with a ridiculous title – Haircuts and Butt Hinges – but I didn’t have the energy to think of something better. I was so tired yesterday I barely had the energy to think of a title at all – the video was nearly just called “Vlog”. I was so tired I forgot to put both of my breasts inside my bra – I spent half of the day with the right one running free, so to speak, and the cup (it was a nursing bra) hanging loose inside my t-shirt. It wasn’t until I got back home again from our shopping expedition that I realised that I also had completely odd socks on and dark streaks of unblended foundation on my cheeks where I had been testing out different shades.

It’s no surprise I was tired, really – I’d like to blame it on motherhood, that old chestnut, but it wouldn’t be strictly true. On Friday night I stayed up until 2am editing my novel (it’s done! I just need to find someone crazy enough to want to read it!) and then my mind was whirring and I didn’t get to sleep until four. On Saturday night, I went to bed at 10pm but Mr AMR insisted on having a Ray Donovan marathon (excellent TV show, not some weird sexual act) and we didn’t turn the light off until 1.30am. So all the tiredness is, stupidly, totally self-inflicted.

These late nights are all well and good if you can just laze about the next day, get up at 10, have a leisurely brunch and wonder whether you might take a walk to the flower market or use the afternoon to grab an extra snooze; both of my days involved wheeling a squeaky-wheeled wooden bus up and down the living room carpet and having a plastic giraffe repeatedly poked into my eye sockets. And that was just trying to keep Mr AMR amused! Ha.

Luckily, the baby naps twice a day so I managed a cheeky Saturday morning snooze (two hours) and yesterday, when the sun was blazing and there was not a cloud in the sky, I fell asleep on my picnic blanket in the garden. Glorious.

Watch the video for baby glimpses (she’s almost one, can you believe?), butt hinges (don’t ask) and a quick trip into town.


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