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Something that everyone in my country has feared for decades has happened 2 days ago. A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal around 12am killing 3000+ people, destroying alot of homes, villages, roads and historical monuments etcs. My whole morning consisted of me trying to contact my family to see if they were okay. I finally got ahold of my sister and she said everyone is safe even though they thought they were surely going to die. They are still feeling the aftershock of the earthquake. So Please keep my country Nepal in your thoughts and prayers today. My country is one of the poorest country and least developed in the world. And it breaks my heart to think that it is probably going many many years until it will ever be how it was.

Here is my fundraiser that I started to help the people that are effected in my motherland. Many of you suggested we open a YoufundMe page so we did. We plan on focusing to re-build homes and providing clothing,food etcs in the villages of Nepal such as Nuwakot, Gorkha where the poorer populations are where 90% of the homes have been wiped out clean. (Images at the end of the video)

Our intial goal was $50,000 but we’ve already almost reached it in one day with all the generous people so I want to aim higher.I am aiming for 100,000+ but the more we raise the bigger difference we can make since thousands of people are displaced and have no where to call home. 1 dollar equals 100 rupees so please Donate what you can and we would be very grateful. Also Share the link with your friends on social medias and help spread the word as much as possible.
There are also other great organizations such as Redcross,Serve the children,Unicef etcs that are receiving donations for immediate relief. So please support them as well. We love you guys

Follow me on my Facebook page to see the progress and efforts of this campaign : https://www.facebook.com/promisetamangphan?fref=ts

I will also TRANSFORM into one donor in my upcoming Youtube video !!!

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