Hot Off the Press: Puff Off!

Maybe you weren’t planning on an all-night text-a-thon, but it’s been forever since someone this hot popped up on your radar. It’s true, last night’s secrets have a way of surfacing. Now tell under-eye imperfections to PUFF OFF! once and for all… and keep those secrets secret.

Puff off! is our innovative new under-eye gel that helps bags and creases look satiny-smooth in a wink.


Iron away for a smoother day! This custom ironing tip is perfectly shaped to fit around the eye area. This genius tip is so PUFFing amazing because it cools on contact. Plus, the innovative formula delivers a blend of skin-smoothing peptides and optical blurring ingredients that help to smooth away the appearance of undereye puffiness and diffuse light away from fine lines.


Even if you’re a little woozy from last night’s cocktails or binge-watching reality TV, application is so easy you can do it in your sleep. Squeeze the tube once and dot the gel under each eye…then glide it on with the ironing tip.


Application tip: When applying puff off! over your makeup, gently dab the gel under your eyes with your fingers to blend in.

Puff off! dries colorless so it works for every skin tone. Plus it’s super lightweight and translucent. Keep it in your handbag, one in every purse!


Voila! Now whether you pulled an all-nighter at the bar (or with the books)…you’re bright-eyed and ready to conquer your day, gorgeous!

With our smoothest operator, you can tell those under-eye imperfections to puff off!

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