How to Wear Fingerless Gloves Without Looking Like a Bank Robber

mango leopard fingerless gloves

Most excellent purchase of the winter so far: my leopard fingerless gloves from Mango at ASOS. They are more like an extra piece of clothing that an accessory; more a sleeve or an arm-warmer than a mere glove! I have never owned a pair of fingerless gloves before; all of the styles I tried on previously made me look like a bank robber and I couldn’t quite see the point of wearing gloves that didn’t keep my fingers warm. Kind of like wearing toe-less socks – or crotchless knickers, for that matter, though I suspect I’m missing the point with those, somewhere along the line. Anyway, a few wears in (of the gloves, not the knickers!) and I’m a total convert: the leopard pattern stops these from looking too utilitarian and I actually like that my fingers poke through. The bare-flesh/wool ratio is just perfect. (Though ask me again when the proper cold weather sets in. I might well be back in full-coverage handwear.)

ruth crilly model

The images above are taken from my Autumn Lookbook Video – if you missed that on Youtube then you can watch it by clicking here. The fingerless gloves are from ASOS, as mentioned, the gorgeous double-wrap snood is from Pure Collection and the snakeskin sweatshirt is M&S. I’ve gone in for a bit of a blue-and-grey theme here, but the leopard print goes with just about anything. The gloves are a purse-pleasing £9 here.

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