Hurray For Hurraw!

Dearest Hurraw,

Thank you, for coming to my aid when I recently started working in an office with air con. One minute it’s hot air, the next it’s cold, and it’s always, always dry. In those first few days, my lips cracked and dried out unbelievably fast! And of course, I wasn’t prepared in the slightest! I had had the Hurraw Moon Balm on my bedside table for a few weeks, using it as and when I remembered as a last minute balm before bed, it was good stuff. But whilst having a browse of the ‘New In’ section on LoveLula I came across Hurraw’s latest balm – the Papaya Pineapple lip balm. It took all of 5.8 seconds for it to become mine, because, who doesn’t love Pineapple?! I was also sold on the idea of this balm being my knight in shining armour thanks to the papaya enzymes. I was convinced the enzymes would keep chapped lips at bay by always lightly exfoliating and melting the dry skin away.

Was I right? Yes! Within 48 hours of regular and generous applications in the office, my lips were back to being smooth and happy once more. This balm now has a permenant residence in my bag for on-the-go and office related balmy needs. It’s pretty much tasteless and has a slight fruity pineapple scent, no tint and it doesn’t really add any gloss or shine to your lips.

The Moon Balm continues to live on my bedside table, a sweet vanilla scented nightly treat that I also like to reach for when doing my makeup in the morning, especially if I’m going to be brave and rock some colour on my lips. The thick, almost waxy balm offers immediate hydration and lasts for quite a few hours if you’re not regularly snacking. After about 5 minutes of the balm on my lips, they feel squishy and soft, with any flaky, or dehydrated patches long gone.

At £4.99 a pop, the vegan balms are at the pricey end of affordable, but well worth it. They seem to be long lasting and I just love this style of packaging for a balm, easy to apply and stylish looking, too. If you’re off on holiday soon I would suggest picking up their Sun Protection SPF15 balm, or if you’re after a little colour, they have two delicious sounding tinted options – Black Cherry or Cinnamon (going to have to get myself one of these!).

Have you tried a Hurraw balm?

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