Hyaluronic Hydra-Balm: Get On My Lips

lipstick innocent kiss

By Terry‘s Hyaluronic Sheer Nude Hydra-Balm: get on my lips! I’ve been waiting for something like this for months; juicy, plumptious and peachy, sheer enough to be absolutely foolproof to apply, but with just about enough colour to make the whole thing a worthwhile endeavour. Because some tinted balms are so subtle as to be virtually pointless. Or not pointless, just…uninspiring. Or not uninspiring, but more suited to an “at home” day. By Terry‘s Hydra-Balm Lipstick definitely polishes off a makeup look nicely – instant grooming, with the sheen of a lipstick but the soft texture of a hydrating balm. Something you can easily reapply throughout the day to feel as though you’re wearing proper makeup, but without any real commitment.

Shade 2 “Innocent Kiss” is my kind of peach: it’s neither too orange nor too pink. It is, as Goldilocks would say, just right. [Make sure you take that sentence out and replace it with something less sick-makingly-cringeworthy. Don’t forget. ed.] I do enjoy wearing peach and salmon-toned lipsticks – I went a bit crazy for them last year when I was pregnant, have a trawl through these posts – but the shade has to be spot on, otherwise terrible things happen in the face department. For some reason, getting your peach wrong can throw everything completely off-kilter: dark circles look darker, skin looks sallow, upper lips develop a sort of dirty shadow that looks annoyingly like a moustache… I suppose it depends on the texture of the lipstick too – a soft, peachy-cream is going to be perhaps more forgiving than an opaque matte.

No problems with “Innocent Kiss” (apart from the rather strong soapy taste); it’s more peach sorbet than peachy-cream, sheer enough to be flattering on pretty much any skintone, I would have thought. The formula is incredibly hydrating, as you’d expect from the name, and I do actually see something of a plumping effect, which is a bonus. So many lip things are labelled “plumping” and do nothing – there’s a cushiony appearance to my lips when I use the Hydra-Balm. Whether from the hyaluronic acid or simply the sheen making things look fuller I’m not sure, but the effect is definitely there.

It is, however, a pricey little number. I lust after many things from By Terry – the foundations I have always found to be exceptional – but they are very firmly in the “life’s luxuries” category. I have about a dozen friends and friends-of-friends who will never forgive me for getting them hooked on By Terry makeup!


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