I Gave Up Make Up For Lent

I Gave Up Make Up For Lent

I’m a beauty blogger and as such I have more make-up and beauty products, than any one person could ever need but does that stop me from buying more? In a word, no. If we were simply talking about replacing the basics, such as replenishing my favourite cleanser or mascara, it really wouldn’t be a problem, in fact it would be a normal shopping habit but I am unable to draw that line. As soon as a new beauty collection catches my eye, I’m fishing around my handbag in search of my bankcard to treat myself once again to a lipstick, blush or eyeshadow that will probably on see the light of day twice – and that’s if we are lucky. It is wasteful and a rut I am determined to get myself out of and that is why I have partnered up with Christian Aid for Lent.

I Gave Up Make Up For Lent

Now straight off the bat, I do want to acknowledge that not everyone participates in Lent for various reasons and that of course is more than completely fine, but for me it is a yearly tradition and this time around, I would like it to mean so much more to myself than simply giving up fizzy drinks – girl it has been 10 years in a row, you know you’ll cave at the first offer of a can of Coca Cola. So this Lent I am giving up spending any money on beauty products full stop – there will be no new moisturiser, lipstick or eyeshadow added to my already ridiculous stash and in it’s place I will donate the money to Christian Aid to help fight poverty.

On paper it sounds easy: girl waves goodbye to lipstick, counts down the forty days, donates to said charity and goes on with her life as normal but there is so much more to this challenge than saving money and not rushing to purchase the latest lip gloss. I’m hoping for a change for life, a more considered attitude towards life’s little luxuries – that’s not to say I won’t splurge occasionally because everyone deserves a treat but a treat is all it should be in my case – not a weekly blow out session at my local beauty counter. Yes April the 13th (when Lent finishes) does seem a long way off but the greater cause here is so much more important than what can I haul next and as mentioned that is a mind-set, I am so actively determined to shake off.

I Gave Up Make Up For Lent

If you are a beauty blogger or not, you can get involved with Christian Aid for Lent in numerous ways: you can of course give up something for Lent in support of the charity (lipstick, fizzy drinks, sweets – the world is your oyster…well unless that is what you aim to avoid for 40 days) and create your own Just Giving page to ask others to support you, or you can donate to those who are participating in the fundraiser via their donation pages – my page is here and if I see any others by fellow bloggers, I will be sure to share them on social media.

We have 34 days left of Lent, religious or not, why not join in and make a small change within your life and perhaps a huge one to those less fortunate?

This is a sponsored and collaborative post but I am donating to said to charity and sticking to my no buy clause.

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