I Spent £100 on Candles I’ll Never Burn

Le Labo Candles New York Review

I know, I know you think I’m an idiot and to be fair you aren’t far off but in this instance, it is not a moment of idiocy to blame, rather it all comes down to me being a nostalgic fool. As a little ‘un (well little-r, I never quite grew over the 5ft mark) whenever I went on holiday, I’d send home a postcard and bring home a suitcase of mementos for my scrapbook. I’ve long since given up on scrapbooking but still enjoy nothing more than a forever token reminder, of my time spent in a new place; unfortunately for me this has now morphed into pricey Le Labo candle habit.

Le Labo Candles New York Review

A Le Labo candle may seem like an odd choice to commemorate any event, let alone a short trip abroad but let me explain my reasoning: first of all, you don’t need me to tell you that the complex yet divine fragrances of the Le Labo house are forever appealing – special occasion or not – but did you know that Le Labo offer custom labels? No me neither, well until July of last year that is. Essentially any Le Labo cologne or candle, can be decorated with a small and perhaps meaningful message of your own; I choose to go with the address I stayed at both times I stayed in NYC in 2016. Two different locations, two luxurious scents and two very contrasting set of memories, each of which come alive when I open the box containing said candle. Yes I know life is for living and if you pay £50 for a luxury candle, you should damn well light it and enjoy it; one day I will, perhaps when I have a place of my own to decorate.

Le Labo Candles New York Review
Le Labo Candles New York Review

At the moment I have Le Labo Cedre 11 which is a smoky but sweet woody scent – if Le Labo could perhaps consider launching this as a cologne, I’d wear nothing else for the rest of my life. My other addition is Le Labo Cologne 17 which is a crisp, clean and almost aquatic scent that does have a certain masculine quality. I’ll be the first to admit that Le Labo is not cheap and as such I don’t recommend purchasing blindly – that and denying yourself the entire Le Labo experience should be considered sinful.

Le Labo Candles New York Review

As someone fairly new to the Le Labo world of fragrance there are a few additions yet to be added to my shelf. When I go back to NYC I plan on purchasing Le Labo Tubereuse as it I exclusive to the city – there are 8 other location based exclusive scents across the world that I slowly but surely plan on collecting, one by one.

Some people collect stamps, I collect beautifully scented jars and bottles – that maybe, just maybe one day I’ll finally give into temptation and burn. Maybe.

In the U.K you can find Le Labo online via Liberty – link
In the U.S you can find Le Labo online via Barneys – link
and for worldwide shipping Net-a-Porter – link

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