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Product rave: the Suqqu Moisture Rich Mask. I just can’t get over how a) weird and b) effective it is. Applying it is kind of like spreading glue; it’s a tiny bit sticky and forms a tight film across your face. But blimey does this stuff work! It almost worked too well – I applied it at 6.30pm and next felt the need to moisturise again at bedtime the following night! Not one to use directly before a party or when you need to get your makeup done – I imagine that makeup would just slide straight off – but if you want a supersonic moisture injection, then this is your mask.

I have a feeling that the texture of the mask will divide opinion, somewhat; it’s a little bit like one of those express tightening masks (I still like the Sisley one, despite it costing an absolute arm and a leg!) but a little bit thicker. Though the effects are far more noticeable than with the Sisley Express Flower Mask – you get very plump, incredibly hydrated skin – and this Suqqu one is almost half the price… (In defence of the Sisley: it is brilliant as a quick fix mask and it is a joy to use, especially when travelling. Fresh, cool, instantly tightening and reviving. An excellent dupe for that mask is the Lierac Soin Eclat Express, which is £19.50 here.)

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Removal is via the “tissuing off”method, which I personally hate, and so always substitute for my own little trick which is using two very slightly damp cotton wool pads. The thing about tissue is that it likes to stick to things, and if there’s one thing I hate during a facial it’s when they start pressing tissue all over my face. It just gives me the heebie jeebies! I once had a facial where they covered my face in runny honey (don’t) and then tissued it off (restrain me) and then did a scalp massage and got my hair in the honey (they are dead now). Tissues: no. Dampened circles of cotton wool? Yes. Not damp enough to remove all of the product, because I’m guessing the whole point of a no-rinse mask is that you leave a kind of film on the skin – but damp enough to allow the pad to just glide over the skin, removing the excess without leaving shreds of tissue or fluffy cotton wool all over the place. Another alternative would be a barely damp flannel, just a gentle press onto the skin and then off. I must try that.

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On my first attempt with the Moisture Rich Mask, I used far too much product on my face; you don’t need a very thick layer because you’ll just end up blotting away all of the top stuff anyway. Start off with a blob about the size of your moisturiser amount and see how you get on from there. I’d love to hear what other people think of this mask, because the results for me were really very instant and obvious; long-lasting hydration and plumptious, fresh-looking skin.


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