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parka london five best parkas

A random theme for a video, you may think, but I love a parka during the winter months. And spring and autumn, for that matter; I probably clock up a good hundred days of parka-wearing every year. But so many of the parkas these days look and feel cheap – shiny fabric, horrible zips and shockingly bad scraps of faux-fur on the hoods. The faux-fur trimmings on parkas are a particular obsession of mine: I can’t believe how many brands manufacture coats that look as though they’ve had roadkill sewn to the top of the hoods!

five best parkas asos

So I tried a lot – a lot – of parkas before narrowing down my choices to the five you can see in the video below. I completely disregarded price when I was judging them, but fortunately there’s quite a nice spread – the cheapest is £40 (directly above, see here), the most expensive is £315 (top of page, see here). I’d be more than happy to wear any of them this winter, and have been pretty much living in the ones from Hush and Topshop.

topshop premium parka

The Topshop Premium Parka (above) has the best fur – it’s so lush and soft and runs down the inside of the coat as well as lining the hood. Considering the coat costs just less than £100 I think that it’s just brilliant, brilliant quality.

parka london coat with fur

The Parka London coat (top and above) is more of a winter coat with fur trim than a true parka, really – but it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful quality. The faux-fur is so ridiculously thick that the hood is slightly better down than up – you can get completely lost inside that hood, it’s almost as though you need a periscope to see where you’re going! If you’re looking to invest in something a bit smarter than a parka then this is the one for you. The sumptuous faux-fur looks so glamorous.

Anyway, watch the video and tell me which one’s your favourite – I’ve listed all of the outfit details below. You can also see those amazing Topshop boots in action as well as the Whistles t-shirt that I posted about the other day. Enjoy!

Music is by the gorgeous Sadie Fleming; Nowhere Left To Fall. Her website with links to her music is here:http://sadiefleming.co.uk/

Outfit 1:
Parka with Red Faux-Fur Trim, Hush: http://tidd.ly/901dc0b9
Plaid Shirt, Hush: http://tidd.ly/9e3d6c15
Leggings, Isabella Oliver: http://tidd.ly/ec2db5b7
Wellies, Hunter: http://tidd.ly/d9279566

Outfit 2:
Brave Soul Cotton Parka with Oversized Faux-Fur Hood, ASOS: http://tidd.ly/fa532bc9
Whistles Beauté T-Shirt: http://tidd.ly/3d77eb18
Black Jeans, Paige Denim (last year)
Black leather boots, Next: http://goo.gl/7u09Jp

Outfit 3:
Parka London Wool Coat with Faux-Fur Trim: http://tidd.ly/d8a7d52a
Leggings, Isabella Oliver: http://tidd.ly/ec2db5b7
Olive Boots with Gold Detail, Topshop: http://tidd.ly/99bcb43a

Outfit 4:
Neutral Parka with Faux-Fur Trim, Next: http://goo.gl/J5pLxy
Leopard Print Top, ASOS: http://tidd.ly/1d917346
Blue Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch: http://tidd.ly/fe250dce
Olive Boots from Topshop: http://tidd.ly/99bcb43a

Outfit 5:
Premium Parka with Faux-Fur Lining and Hood, Topshop: http://tidd.ly/3ef0b4ec
Cashmere Bea Jumper, Hush: http://tidd.ly/1b3ce516
Blue Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch: http://tidd.ly/fe250dce
Black Leather Boots, Steve Madden: http://goo.gl/VmJ69G

Video prepped, styled and edited by me. Filming by a reluctant Mr AMR, ha!


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