January Beauty Favourites

january beauty favourites

This came around quickly, didn’t it? I’m still recovering from cooking the Christmas dinner! January Beauty Favourites; we have some hair stuff, some nice morsels of makeup and the results of my sponsored Olay skincare trial*. I also have another giveaway for you (UK only, this time) so keep on reading to find out how to claim a free serum.

If you missed the last couple of Olay posts then you can catch up with them here – basically I’ve been testing out the new Regenerist Luminous serum and SPF20 and have refrained from using all other skincare products for the past month. Five or six weeks, actually, if you want to be pedantic, but for the first week or so I was a bit ill (first trimester pregnancy woes!) and hardly got out of bed to wash my face, let alone apply serum. But anyway, to cut out the waffle, I have definitely given the serum a proper, full, month-long trial and am very happy with the results. I mentioned in one of the last posts that I was very pleased that Olay had added a serum to the line-up – easy to slip into any skincare routine, simple and quick to apply, but with targeted results. (Regenerist Luminous concentrates on helping to even out skintone and generally brighten the skin.)

olay regenerist luminous review

I was particularly pleased to be testing the serum during pregnancy, because one of my skincare worries pre-conception was that my melanin production would go all wonky and I’d be left with dark patches; using the serum felt like a bit of a skin “insurance”. The key ingredients, niacinamide and Sepiwhite (see here for the science bit), not only help with excess melanin production but help to diminish existing signs such as dark spots and patches of pigmentation, so it felt like a good fit for me! I didn’t have any dark spots, but the serum definitely kept my skin on an even keel, I think, and it looked brighter and slightly more luminescent after the trial was up.

You can hear more about the serum and SPF20 in the video, but if you’d like to try the Skin Tone Perfecting Serum for free then the first 50 UK readers to email their name and address through to Olay will be sent one. olayblog@sykes.com

roller lash mascara review

There are some nice makeup treats in this month’s favourites; a pretty Chanel blusher, a great lip gloss and the new Roller Lash mascara (pictured above) from Benefit. It doesn’t launch until March, but I’ll make sure that I review it properly before then – it’s very good. Right, take a look at the video – the product links are below. Enjoy, comment, share…


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