KIKO Modern Tribes Maxi Bronzer

kiko bronzer modern tribes maxi bronzer

There’s a bit of a bronzer review “run” at the moment, so do bear with me! I wanted to get them all tested out so that I was ready for the summer – you saw the Guerlain ones yesterday, and there are still a few more to go. Unless Baby AMR emerges before the end of the week, in which case maybe I’ll take a break.

Although I’m very partial to a fairer bronzer for a more subtle, daytime look, nothing beats a deep, full-on St Tropez hue for really getting into the summer spirit! This KIKO bronzer is part of the Modern Tribes collection and comes in an enormous wooden box. Random packaging note, but it reminds me of what you’d find the soap/ear buds/cotton wool rounds stored in if you were in one of those really swanky hotels in the Maldives. You know when everything in the bathroom is all dark wood and “natural materials”?

The packaging is actually quite excellent because there are no edges containing the bronzing powder, so you can use a massive brush, if you fancy it, to sweep the powder over legs and arms and chest. It all just feels very usable. As for the shade itself, Sienna Melange is a warm, terracotta bronze – very Guerlain, very High Summer. There’s nothing subtle here. Face before KIKO Maxi Bronzer:

kiko bronzer modern tribes maxi bronzer

Face after one incredibly light application:

ruth crilly model recommends

You could easily go cray-cray with this stuff and make yourself look like someone who got lost in the Sahara and managed to limp their way back to civilisation, but if you haven’t yet developed your “summer skin” (bit of a sunkissed glow, whether it’s natural or faked) then you’re wise to take it easy. You don’t want to end up with dark pools of bronze that are in stark contrast to your paler, unadorned skin. There’s another shade option for this powder but I’m afraid I haven’t tried it – I’m not sure whether it’s lighter or has a different undertone, but it looks equally as lovely!

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You can find KIKO’s Maxi Bronzer online here – it’s £17.50. There’s also a flagship store on London’s Regent Street which is something of a beauty-lover’s paradise, do stop in if you’re ever passing, they have just about everything and anything you can think of!

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