Laugh & Give Back!

Giving Tuesday is coming up, and we’re definitely feeling the urge to pay it forward. We were craving a more creative way to give back this year, so we’ve teamed up with the Love Is Louder movement for a two-day social media fundraiser to spread the laughter!


Love is Louder is a movement that helps prevent bullying, negative body image and depression through clubs & events. Their mission is all about amplifying the message that love & support are louder than the voices that try to bring us down. Research shows that laughter is a powerful way to reduce stress and, as every Benebabe knows, “laughter is the best cosmetic” to boost your self-confidence. So our collective goal is to bring a smile to your face for a good cause. 

From December 2-3, if you post or repost a funny-face photo on Twitter or Instagram with #LaughOutLouder, Benefit will donate $1 for each share! You can make a difference just by pulling out your camera instead of your wallet, sharing your goofiest expression with your friends (which we know you’re doing anyway!) and tagging #LaughOutLouder on Instagram or Twitter.

Use that gorgeous grin to make a difference & get silly for a serious cause. All you have to do is Tweet or Instagram your gorgeous, goofy, smiling face or retweet or repost one of our participating celeb or advocate pics (think Sarah Hyland, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Chenoweth, Love is Louder co-founder Brittany Snow & more).

We’re seriously looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Nothing makes us happier than seeing your smiling faces 🙂

So, are you ready to Laugh Out Louder for a good cause?

On Instagram, include @BenefitCosmetics, @LoveisLouderPics and #LaughOutLouder.

On Twitter, tag @BenefitBeauty, @LoveisLouder and #LaughOutLouder.

For more information, visit

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