L’Oreal The Brush Contest

Loreal Brush

So, this is an interesting competition for beauty bloggers and vloggers. L’Oreal The Brush Contest is an international competition to find the next L’Oreal make up artist from a social media source. The winner gets a trip to Cannes to design red carpet looks, and also a one year paid contract. The winner of L’Oreal The Brush Contest will work with L’Oréal to create looks at shoots and beauty tutorials while also working with product development and representing the brand in press interviews. To enter, upload a 3 minute video creating a look on yourself or someone else and bear in mind that key to this is that L’Oreal are looking for ways to make high end make up looks accessible and wearable for anyone. I know perfectly well that loads of hugely talented bloggers and vloggers will instantly think, “oh, I’m not good enough, I can’t win that!” but remember, someone has to win it, so don’t do the typical Brit thing of thinking you can’t. You can. I’d love to see a UK winner on this one because I know we have an incredible amount of talent behind those cameras… if you can’t do it for yourself, do… Read More

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