March Favourites

march beauty favourites

I think I lost the plot a bit in this video: I start talking about the love I have for my tumble dryer. More specifically, the love I have for emptying out the water drawer (it’s a condenser dryer) and removing the fluff from the fluff-catcher. I get a sort of calm satisfaction from doing it, but at the same time a small thrill. Is that weird?

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Anyway, there’s plenty of beauty going on for those who don’t get turned on by electrical appliances and there’s some non-beauty too, including an incredibly cute baby anorak from H&M with all-over bird print and a sporty mesh lining. If they did it in an adult size I’d be wearing it every day. As it stands, they don’t, so I’m living vicariously through my baby, who has also been wearing little gold shoes that I’d love to own (they have rabbit ears on them) and some rather nice knitted grey hoodies.

Here we go – try not to get distracted by my HUGE false lashes:



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