Melvita Day Cream: Cheerful and Uplifting

Melvita Nectar de Roses Hydrating Day Cream review

A jolly little day cream for you: Melvita’s Nectar de Roses Infusion. You might think “jolly” a slightly odd word to use to describe a moisturiser, but it’s highly appropriate in this case – the sugared rose smell of the Hydrating Day Cream is just so cheerful and uplifting.

Nothing too complicated going on here – I tend to bung this on when I’m going to be indoors for most of the day – but it’s nicely moisturising if your skin is on the slightly dry side. Not too greasy, but you definitely feel the effects (it has shea butter in the base, which I find tends to leave a comforting sort of residue) and it leaves my skin nice and plumpy.

I’ve also been slathering this on in between makeup changes if I’ve been trying out a lot of different foundations. It feels quite soothing and it actually sits very nicely beneath the face bases, counteracting the tightness that I can sometimes get when I do too many cleanses in quick succession. (I tend to use cleansing wipes or micellar waters when I’m testing makeup in my studio, due to lack of a sink, so that doesn’t help with my general sense of skin comfort!)

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For ultra-soothing and balancing and general skin-sorting, I haven’t found anything to beat the MV Organic Skincare Rose Soothing Protective Moisturiser, but I appreciate that it’s a far steeper investment at £77. Though you do get a whopping 70ml. My sister-in-law has seen her hormonal skin quite transformed by stripping back her routine and using MV. If you want to give it a whirl (I used it all the way through pregnancy to try and keep my skin on an even keel) you can find the moisturiser here.

But back to the Melvita (post got a bit gatecrashed there, didn’t it?): plenty of rose going on in this little tube of day cream. Rose extract, rose water, rose oil, and taken from a few different types of rose, too. Jam-packed with rose you could say. Jolly, jolly nice.

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