Mother’s Day Perfume: Mini Reviews

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Some utterly delectable perfumes, if you’re stuck for a mother’s day present this year. The card in the background, by the way, is from Thortful – you can get 50% off your first card order using the code WEB50. Or so it says on my computer when I go to their site – let me know if it doesn’t work!

And what about the perfumes? There are full reviews coming up on some of these, but here’s a quick run-down to help you decide on the perfect scent for your mother-dearest. (My Mum’s overall favourite is Coco Mademoiselle, but she has a whole massive shelf of perfumes and wears something different all the time. I’ve never known anyone swap their perfumes around as much as her – mind you, she does about fifty clothes changes a day, so I don’t know why I’m surprised.)

Chloe Love Story Eau de Toilette

Chloe’s new Love Story Eau de Toilette is slightly fresher and less heavy on the orange blossom than the original Love Story: this is a good choice for someone who likes their fragrances light and feminine. The vintage style bottle would look great on a proper dressing table or in a boudoir strewn with discarded dresses and Vogue magazines… from £35.70.

armani si review

Armani Si is a beautifully elegant eau de parfum; a peachy, clean rose at first but with warmer, woodsier notes coming in as the fragrance settles into the skin. I think that this one is very sophisticated – I love the strong blackcurrant note, it’s unusual and not at all sweet or obviously fruity.

chanel touche de parfum review

Everyone (I think?) knows Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle; but have they seen the new Touche de Parfum? A cute, lipgloss-style applicator in a suede carrying pouch. At £65 for 6ml it’s a real treat, but I can imagine that collectors and die-hard Mademoiselle fans will fall instantly in love. Those who want a little more for their money might consider the amazing purse spray – same sort of vibe, but with a twist-up spritz and three 20ml refills.

dolce rosa review

Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce Rosa Excelsa has an aquatic kind of edge that I find really appealing. I always think that it’s a rather masculine note, but perhaps that’s because every single boy when I was a teen wore Davidoff’s Cool Water! This is fresh, juicy and smells very summery and uplifting – a hint of rose, but very much scattered through the other notes rather than dominating. You can find Dolce Rosa Excelsa


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