My Burberry: Craving the Dark and Depraved

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Well I must say that this fragrance has grown on me, if only a little. I couldn’t stand it at first. It’s not my type of perfume at all, but it has caught my attention somehow – perhaps because it’s such a breath of fresh air at a time when many fragrance releases are on the heavier, spicier side, warming up for the dark and chilly months. Considering that My Burberry was an autumn launch, it’s incredibly light and crisp and a bit frivolous, and if I had to match it to a season then without a doubt I’d say Spring. But I suppose that’s neither here nor there, because we’re now in the depths of gloomy winter and no amount of light-hearted sweet pea and freesia and bergamot is going to convince you that the blossoms are on their way out and the baby birds are about to start twittering. My Burberry is simply for those who like to keep things light, fresh and uncomplicated whatever the season – it reminds me of a glass of fizzy Elderflower or one of those posh champagne cocktails with flowers floating on the top.

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My Burberry has been created by Francis Kurkdjian, he of Jean Paul Gaultier fame (and his own-line fame and fame from dozens and dozens of incredibly well-known perfumes). I have to say that I was quite surprised when I found that out – I always expect a bit of a dark, sexy edge when Kurkdjian’s involved, but My Burberry  doesn’t seem to have any real base to it. It’s about as safely sparkly as scents get, very airy and dancey and crisp. Those who love very light florals will adore it; women who require more guts from their perfumes will perhaps abhor. I don’t know – I’m sitting on the fence. It’s perfectly adequate as a spritz of something clean and crispy, but I can’t imagine it stopping people dead in their tracks, wondering what on earth hit them…

Thoughts? Lovers of light florals and crisp, fresh scents, give me your verdict! I have to say that I do love the bottle styling – incredibly heavy glass, lid like an oversized tortoiseshell button – but scent-wise, I’m craving some dark and depraved base notes. Mind you, if it had those then it would be a completely different perfume! Mr Bear, as you can see above, greatly approves of My Burberry. He is modelling a personalised version (made for my assistant, you can have it done for free when you order here) but it’s also available uncustomised – stock My Burberry starting at £45 for 30ml.

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