My Cornwall Mini-Break…

padstow fish and chips

Goodness, what an incredibly lazy post to begin the week with; but if I don’t post this vlog up now I’ll forget and then where will we be? Vlogless! A word which in English means without vlog and in Klingon means prepare for light speed.


I had a wonderful time in Cornwall (nearly two weeks ago, now, but I like to time-delay my trips away for obvious reasons) and I have a big long post coming up, including a review of the Perfect Stays house that we were kindly allowed to inhabit for four days and a new Padstow restaurant discovery. You may remember that I’m a (borderline obsessive) fan of the ITV series Doc Martin; we re-visited Port Isaac on this trip and I was intending to film a proper Doc Martin video tour, but the weather was shocking and all of my footage just looked dismal and grey. What a difference a sunny day makes…

Right then, my beauties: vlog time. If you’d like to read about my first trip to Cornwall then the post is here – I do wish that we had gone back to Nathan Outlaw’s Cafe in Port Isaac this time around, because it was just exemplary, but their closing days unfortunately clashed a bit with the evenings we had free. Shame. Always next time…

Potential highlights in this video include Baby AMR in her new yellow anorak, Mr AMR doing another one of his annoying zoom-ins on my arse and a quick overview of what’s in my travel makeup bag. Enjoy.

(Note to self: stop wearing the same parka every single day. Great once in a while, but otherwise very boring and not actually that flattering. I’m off to do some casual coat shopping…)

We stayed at Tregoose in Polzeath, more info at Perfect Stays here.

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