My Harry Potter Art Print Wall

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I adore Harry Potter. The books, and later the films, have played such a huge role in the last two decades and I can clearly associate years of my life or huge experience by the Harry Potter release that was looming around the same time. I’ve been to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour eight times and I’m still not bored of it (I blogged my Christmas trip here if you fancy having a gander before Hogwarts In The Snow launches again!) and we even flew all the way to Florida to visit Hogwarts in all its glory – my only regret is not taking that many photos. Fly me back please! We’ve got Potter books, figures, merchandise and prints all over our flat, but I wanted to create a little areas that was dedicated to our love for the book and film franchise that we could add to over the coming months and years. In our entrance hallway there’s a very large bland white space that wasn’t being used for anything, so after deciding upon making the most of it and spending hours searching through Etsy for the perfect pictures, our Harry Potter art print wall was born!

The wall behind the prints is that god awful woodchip stuff, so what better way to distract from it than with some blooming awesome HP orginal artwork that will leave a smile upon the face of everyone that steps through the door. I didn’t want it to be literal pictures of the Potter cast or even the posters we know so well, but something a little more ‘mature’ and homely. I instagrammed the collection the other day and the response was incredible, so I thought I’d show you more detail and let you know where I picked up each of the six prints…

The Knight Bus One (£15.00)
Possibly my favourite, thanks to the quirky vintage feel and almost ‘this could have been in the movie’ design, this looks so good on the wall and really brings together all the different elements. The print was a slightly bigger size than I anticipated so we had to fold over the top and lose a fraction of the artwork to get it in the frame, but it’s totally worth it. All aboard!

The Dobby One (£11.00)
My favourite character (I even dressed up as him, with sock and Tom Riddle’s diary as props, for ComicCon!) Dobby is just so iconic. I adore this original artwork because it brings to life Dobby’s fragility and mortality, while keeping the expression one we’re so familiar with. Dobby is a free elf…

The Hogwarts Castle One (£9.95)
I really wanted a Hogwarts artwork, but most are literal sketches or a bit too old school for my liking; this one is modern, clean, fresh and has the same tones as the other pictures – so bringing it all together and reminding us of where it all started. I don’t think it would’ve been a Harry Potter wall without some element of Hogwarts either!

The ‘Turn On The Light’ One (£7.00)
A favourite quote of mine from the film, I really liked how it’s been made into something very modern and on-trend right now (those lights wouldn’t look out of place in Elle Home) while maintaining a sprinkling of magic.

The Albus Quote One (£9.55)
Another of my favourite quotes, this is a mantra I live my life by and think it’s appropriate to most of us in more ways than we care to imagine. The oversized handwriting text keep it fresh and modern too. There are so many amazing quote prints on Etsy, so if you have a fave one do have a look and there’s sure to be a plethora of choice.

The 9 & 3/4 One (£15.00)
So simple, yet so incredibly iconic. Platform 9 3/4 has a special place in my heart, and the sign a special place in my home – we have a cushion that sits proudly on the sofa too! I really liked how the designer changed up the tones and made it more suited to a modern home, and it worked perfectly with the purple of the Knight Bus.

So there you have it! Have you spotted any other awesome Harry Potter artwork on Etsy that you think I should add to the wall? Let me know!


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