New In: Rare Indigo & The Petal

Have you ever seen any balm as beautiful as Rare Indigo? The answer is probably no.

The May Beauty Heroes Box (which is now SOLD OUT! … but stay tuned until the end of the post for more info on how and where to get this balm with money off) arrived very early this month, which was a lovely surprise! Inside the box was the beautiful full-size Mahalo Skincare Rare Indigo worth $110/£88 and a deluxe 15ml sample of the newest launch The Petal Mask worth about $17. So that’s a $127 of product for $39, amazing!

The Rare Indigo balm is perhaps one of the loveliest moisturising beauty balms I’ve ever used, it’s early days into our relationship, but I think we might be in it for the long run, guys. What makes this balm so different is its hemp seed oil base – my skin loves hemp oil, and it gives the balm a beautifully light and silky texture that sinks into skin instead of sitting on the top feeling greasy. Also, I have to admit my skin twin Lisa totally made me crave this balm, anything she uses on her face I want to use on my face too, simple.
The balm is also free of ingredients that are too rich and can clog pores/cause breakouts such as shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax! But the balm is still very, very moisturising and is perfectly suitable for dry skin types as well as oily. Oils and butters like murumuru, babassu and marula can be found, a little exotic and luxurious, no? plus that all so important indigo infusion that give the balm it’s incredible purple hue.

The Petal is deceptively small and cute but seriously mighty, 28 active ingredients come together to create this jelly-like pink mask that smells like roses, honey, and vanilla. I have only used this once so haven’t much of an opinion yet, but it feels lovely and calming on the skin – even if seeing yourself with a pink face is quite strange! The texture is really unique, creamy but not runny, it’s very thick and I found I needed a few drops of water to make it spreadable across skin. Honey, rose petals, clay, silver hydrosol, hibiscus and jasmine are just a few of those 28 ingredients here. I can’t way to try it a few more times and will report back with a verdict.

Beauty Heroes is currently sold out of the May Mahalo box, and if you would like to be put on to the waitlist ready to subscribe for next month’s box you can do so here. Subscriptions are no longer month-to-month which is quite a drawback, as you do have to pay for 3 months upfront to subscribe. I asked Beauty Heroes if you have to pay shipping on top of this when you subsribe as an international customer but they didn’t respond so I can’t let you know, sorry!
The value is still incredible (the 3 month subscription cost is still cheaper than the value of this one box!) but I know for a lot of people that initial cost, without knowing the contents of the boxes will be a big turn off, but just know I have never once seen a box that wasn’t absolutely amazing 😉

If you really want to try the Mahalo Rare Indigo balm, or The Petal mask in the UK/Europe I would recommend Alyaka as they have a fabulous Mahalo sample kit which includes the whole product range for £22, the cost of that can then be deducted from a full size purchase! OR you can skip the sample and use the code “ANNABEL15” to receive 15% off of your order across the whole site (not including sample kits or May Lindstrom)

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