New on the Chic and Sleek Makeup Scene: Delilah Cosmetics

stiletto lipstick

A new makeup brand that could prove to be rather irresistible; Delilah Cosmetics. Chic, heavy packaging, wearable, flattering shades and beautiful textures that sit lightly on the skin but that still manage to do a brilliant job of enhancing features and adding the odd splash of colour. I have tried the bronzer (excellent), blush (also excellent), lipsticks (I was raving about Tango only last week) and eyeliner pens. All of them do what they say on the tin, and do it well.

matte bronzer

And what a tin! Look at that gorgeous detailing around the edge of the bronzer compact – it’s so sophisticated and actually feels far, far more expensive than some of the very premium ranges I could mention. There’s no shoddy “slap on a metal effect trim” for these palettes and lipsticks, it’s all hefty materials and smooth-touch finishes with securely-fastened mirrors and lids that don’t feel as though they might snap off after two uses.

powder blush

I love that the blushes and bronzers come in their sweet velvet pouches as well as being folded carefully into pretty cardboard cases with an outer sleeve, it’s like unwrapping a little present. And I’m so pleased that the products inside actually live up to the window dressing – the eyeshadows that I tried didn’t have the most intense pay-off I’ve tried, but they were silky-smooth to apply and everything else was more or less faultless. Smooth, velvety eyeliner that stayed put all day, vibrant lipstick that didn’t dry out my already chapped lips…

kabuki foundation

I’ve heard great things about the skin products (base, primer, concealer etc) so I’ll report back with my findings on those when I get a chance to give them a go – until then, you can find the whole collection online. If you’d like to see Tango in action then take a look at this post – if it’s the bronzer in Light Medium, blush in Lullaby and gel liner in Plum that you’re interested in then I’m wearing those in the photograph below.

ruth crilly

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