Oil Meets its Matte!

We’ve been on the mission for smoother-than-smooth skin with POREfessional for years now, and every time we think our skin can’t get any more #flawless, the makeup wizards at Beauty Central prove us wrong.

We recently became acquainted with POREfessional: license to blot, and it’s safe to say that we’re already besties. We LOVE the primer’s velvety-smooth finish & shine-resistant power, but we are one seriously sparkly Benebabe—we’ve got what we like to call the two o’clock curse. We look perfectly gorg all day long, and then we wander past a mirror around 2pm & BAM! Shinin’ bright like a diamond! Pretty sure this isn’t what Rihanna meant. :/


Thankfully, our new bestie comes in the form of a six hour oil-blotting stick. One quick application over our makeup, and we can rest assured that we’ll be shine-free for the rest of the day! The best way to apply is in short, quick strokes all over oil hot spots—forehead, nose, chin & wherever else you find a little shine sneaking in. The triangle tip is easy to fit in hard to reach places, like the corners of your nose, and it’s super easy to clean—just wipe off on a tissue like you would with a concealer stick. One of the best things about license to blot? It’s anhydrous, meaning doesn’t have the capacity to grow bacteria!


From the first time we used POREfessional pro-balm & experienced the sensation of our skin transforming into velvet right underneath our fingertips, we were totes hooked on PORE. Whether we’re wearing it alone or underneath our foundation, POREfessional primer is the cornerstone of our makeup routine. Then came agent zero shine, the purse-friendly anti-shine powder with a built-in brush, which totally changed the game again. Now with license to blot on our shine-fighting team, we never have to worry about shine sneaking its way onto our skin again! Oil has met its matte! 😉

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