Some Great Online Shopping Discounts…

I’m all for whopping great big shopping discounts online; I know that many people hate the idea of “Black Friday” or “Cyber-Whatever-it-is”, but if you do the vast majority of your spending online, as I do, it’s a great chance (if you’re organised) to save a fair whack of dough. 20% off when you’re buying Christmas presents for lots of family and friends can make a huge difference and give you cash left over to put towards the groceries or petrol money over the holidays. (I say 20% because that seems to be the average discount, but some retailers have key products reduced by 50% or more, and lots of brands now offer massive “free with purchase” incentives like special gift sets or additional bonus products.) I’ve rounded up some of the best deals that I’ve spotted online – please excuse me if this isn’t entirely up-to-date, it’s my birthday and I’m writing this a couple of days in advance! Most of these deals last until at least Monday…

pai black friday offer

1) Pai Skincare are running a brilliant offer from now until Monday; if you buy one of their skincare routine sets, which cost between £75 and £83 (all full size products) then they will upgrade it with another lot of products worth £90 or more. Kind of like a “buy one, get more than one for free”! The skincare sets all have the gorgeous Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, BioAffinity Tonic, and then a Moisturiser of your choice, and the Ultimate Upgrade sets have either one of the serums or face oils as well as the amazing Echium Eye Cream and the Kukui exfoliator. That’s a lot of skincare! You can find all of the sets here – they have all been pre-assembled so that you just put the whole kit into your basket, but only pay for the starter set.

Pai Skincare

2) Cult Beauty have varying discounts depending on how much you spend; just enter one of the following promotional codes at checkout.

£10 off £60: use code ‘SHIMMER10′

£20 off £100: use code ‘SHIMMER20′

£45 off £200: use code ‘SHIMMER45′

£75 off £300: use code ‘SHIMMER75′

Cult Beauty

3) ASOS have 20% off everything, full-price and sale, apart from beauty and brand items. Max spend £500, but you can get a hell of a lot on ASOS for £500! The code you need to present at checkout is CYBERWKND20 – it’s valid from 8am today until 8am on Tuesday 2nd December.

4) Karen Millen have 25% off everything that’s not in the sale, including shoes and accessories – you can browse the online store here and use code KM25OFF at checkout.

Karen Millen

5) Selfridges have 20% off, apart from wine, beauty, watches, tech and toys, which have 10% off. You need the code SELF14 at checkout.

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Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Blush

Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Blush

I first posted on the forthcoming Bobbi Brown Hot Collection in January, with the limited edition Art Sticks in super bright shades (HERE). At the time I hadn’t seen the gorgeous limited edition Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Blush. This brand so hit and miss for me, but the Hot Collection is really a hit. I love these blush palettes because they’re versatile – one of these will take you all the way through summer. So, the first (I have two of the three limited editions) is Calypso – it’s 100% my colours especially when my skin tone is warmer in spring and summer. You can use the Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Blush (according to instructions, although I’m not sure I would!) by dusting the softer shade onto cheeks, follow with a pop of the brighter shade and finish with the highlighter over the top. I’ll probably use them one at a time! The second palette that I have here is Pink – a beautiful combination for cooler skin tones. At £34, they’re pricy, but I will use Calypso a lot, and if it gets loved and then finished, then that’s £34 well spent! The Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Blush has literally just hit… Read More

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Top 5 Instagram Feeds – March Edition

Okay, I have a problem. I’ve totally gotten into Instagram over the past few months and I just can’t stop scrolling. I got my very first iPhone last year, and for the first 6months or so, I kept forgetting Instagram existed… but over the past few months i’ve become obsessed. I wanted to share the love, and today I’m bringing you my Top 5 people to follow on Instagram this month!
Lauren has the most beautiful hair, and impeccable fashion sense. I love her soft sultry beachy waves and her stylish fashion sense. Lauren knows how to dress for her figure, and her outfits are always bang on trend! She also has her own clothing range ITSbyLP and her new collection is so perfect for spring/summer!
If soft pastels and all things disney are your thing, then get ready to fall in love with Megan’s instagram feed. Megan has one of the most beautiful instagram feeds i’ve ever laid my eyes on and her photography is just so breathtaking. I can find myself scrolling through her images for days.
Leanne has a stunning instagram feed that’s packed full of stylish fashions and must have accessories. A beautiful pastel pink head of hair and make up skills to boot. Leane has a fab feed and is certainly one worth following.
Gabby has an ever evolving theme on her instagram. If you’re a fan of her youtube channels then you’ll enjoy her instagram. I love seeing her images pop up on my feed as I can guarantee they’ll be beautiful shot, edited and selected.


Kayleigh’s feed is so clean, modern and fresh. Everything is so clean and sleek. I love her feed for beauty and fashion inspiration as well as photography inspo. Another must follow.

So that’s it for my Top 5 Instagram feeds.Do you follow any of them? I’d love to hear who your favourite instagrammers are! Let me know in the comments.
Em xxx
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Chanel Nail Gloss: Get On My Hands

chanel le rouge collection no1

After many, many years of producing the most brilliant nail polish shades but in a sub-par, easy-chip formula, Chanel have completely revamped their nail offering and it’s good. It’s really good. The new longwear polishes are just that – longwear, with the nude shade lasting a full week on my tin-opening, dried-weetabix-scraping, car-tinkering hands.

I’m going to come back to the longwear polishes in another post (this website might be a bit Chanel-heavy for a week or so, I’ve done a bit of a blitz through their new collection) but I couldn’t hesitate when it came to today’s subject: Le Vernis Nail Gloss. It’s very rare that I try a product and then run straight to my laptop to write about it – especially a nail varnish – but that is precisely what’s happened today. The Nail Gloss from Chanel is so good that if you have even a modicum of interest in your hands, you need to paint this on them.

In the bottle the gloss looks faintly disappointing – a transparent varnish with a reddish tint. The sort of thing you’d expect would stain your nails a wishy-washy pink, as though you’d coloured them in with a felt-tip pen. Or the kind of expensive extra step that might add a reddish sheen over your base colour, a luxury top-coat for those with money to burn. No, friends, no: wishy-washy this is not. Surprisingly, it’s full of pigment and one coat leaves your nails the sort of bright, punchy, fiery red that is almost a rule when it comes to summer beauty.

chanel nail gloss review

But there is a hint of sheerness there, a bit of transparency – it’s like painting your nails with a very rich and glossy form of strawberry jelly. It has the visual bounciness of a gel, with a hi-shine finish that looks chic and pulled-together, but the punchy colour of a traditionally opaque polish. I can’t get enough of it.

I’m hoping that the lasting-power is good – it doesn’t mention “longwear” on the box, so I’m not going to have the highest expectations in terms of longevity, but then I’d happily repaint with this every other day. Application was a breeze. And I keep staring at my fingers and thinking about holidays, which is never a bad thing.

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