Peaceful Pets and the 22 Week Bump.

22 week baby bump

1) It’s nearly eleven and I need to take my bra off (ALL bras make me feel as though my ribs are being crushed in a vice at the moment!) and so a very short Sunday Tittle Tattle this week. First pic (above) is of my baby bump at twenty-two weeks (I’m twenty-three weeks tomorrow), just in case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram. It’s growing at quite a fine rate, now! There are already parts of my anatomy that I can’t see…

mr bear the cat

2) This week’s other Tittle Tattle photos are of my very Peaceful Pets. There have been no mad moments this week and thus no breakages, though Dexter the dog has chewed through the crotch of two pairs of maternity leggings (gross!) and also shredded the edge of the bath mat. Overall, though, quite a minimal damage tally. Marvellous. Let’s see how we get on next week….

sleeping cockapoo

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Moa Fortifying Green Bath Potion


Actually, I felt like doing a Tom Jones style ‘yeah’ when I smelled the Moa Fortifying Green Bath Potion! It’s about as near to bathing in an extra strong mint as you’re likely to get and absolutely a jolt of mental … Read more

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How to Live The London Look – Advertorial


If there’s one thing I love, It’s makeup and style with a bit of grit. My style has always veered on the edgier side, and often the brightest colour you’ll find in my wardrobe is Khaki Green.
As a teenager I was obsessed with skateboarding, punk music, alternative fashion and generally rebelling against the system.

When Rimmel London invited me to take part in their very first RimmelRoadTrip, I was super excited to revisit my old teenage stomping ground in Cardiff and give Fleur De Force a tour of the city. As a teen, many Saturday’s were spent skateboarding through the city centre with my friends, Listening to music, sitting by the fountains & attending music shows. It felt like the city was alive, and as teenager, image was everything.

Although a lot has changed since my teens… I’ve now lived in London for nearly ten years, I drive an Electric Car, rather than a skateboard, and music shows no longer rule my life. I still stay true to my teenage style as best as I can (…maybe minus my bad emo phase). My most worn shoes are still a pair of Converse and grungy Biker boots, whilst some of my friends have never seen me wear anything except skinny jeans and a leather jacket!
One thing that hasn’t changed however, is my love for that gritty edge to my makeup. As a teenager I wouldn’t be seen dead without winged liner, and smokey smudgy eyes. I used to adore heading to the drug store in search for the blackest black eyeliners and shadows I could get my hands on, and Oh how I wish we had the makeup selection back then that we have now.

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Why Giving Up Make Up For Lent Has Changed Everything

Why Giving Up Make Up For Lent Has Changed Everything

In March, I embarked on a spending ban in aid of raising money for Christian Aid, a few days prior to that I did purchase a lot of make-up with next to no thought to what I was doing – in the moment, I wrote it off as a much needed expense for my job never mind the fact that I already owned half of what I bought in various disguises – basically it was the nude lipstick that broke this camels back. If ever there was a time to reevaluate my shopping habits it was in that moment, and when approached with the idea of giving up make-up for Lent at the aid of a charity the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The idea of letting down those in need would prevent me from ever straying of course and wither I raised 50p or £500 (my page is here) I would be happy in the knowledge that I am at least trying to do something beneficial for others, rather than adding another unused lipgloss to my already groaning pile.

Why Giving Up Make Up For Lent Has Changed Everything

I’d be lying if I said I found the concept of giving up make-up shopping for 40 days (and nights – the nights are when the temptation to online shop seems all the more alluring) was without its challenges – the Bobbi Brown Havana Nights collection has been whispering and now shouting my name for the last few weeks and there is also a few new Too Faced products that I have coveted for quite some time now. Then again, isn’t there always something new to grab your attention and before you’ve as much as dipped an eyeshadow brush into your newly purchased palette, there is something as equally glossy and exciting launched to grab your attention and thus the circle is never ending. For the record it is of no business nor interest of mine how you spend your money but as things goes, the never ending accumulation of quickly disregarded make-up was weighing heavy on my conscience as I began the challenge for Christian Aid.

Why Giving Up Make Up For Lent Has Changed Everything

Over the last 40 days I have learnt that I will forever be enticed and excited by cosmetics – and of course accept that this is part and parcel of my vocation – but will now only purchase products after much deliberation. There are a hundred and ten million (maybe…maybe there’s more) beauty blogs out there, all with their own well formed opinions, I don’t need to be the one that reviews every single beauty product – in fact wouldn’t it be nice if I added a human element to this site, a few tales from beauty insiders and such? I have also began questioning myself, asking if I really need another matte lipstick or if I am suffering from fear of missing out (F.O.M.O) – something in the past that I have let dictate not only beauty purchases but technology and on occasion the odd pair of shoes.

Lent may be over (and to an extent I am relieved) but going forward I will be donating once a month to Christian Aid – even if it just the price of one eyeshadow, every little helps. You can find out more about how you can get involved here – link.

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