Wonder Product: The Goddess Skin Clay Mask

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Brace yourselves against the sheer force of my positive vibes here, because this little face mask is a bit of a blinder. (Not literally, that would be terrible! I haven’t actually put it in my eyes, so I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make you go blind. There’d be uproar. Anyway, I digress…)

When I first saw the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask I felt a little underwhelmed. I have loads of clay masks. I try loads of clay masks. Some of them are excellent (check out the powerhouse that is Omorovicza’s Deep Cleansing Mask) some of them manage to be deep cleansing and luxurious (see Diptyque and NUXE) but many of them set into a concrete-like layer, leaving the skin a bit dried-out and parched-looking. Some do this as well as leaving the skin smooth, some do this and seem to have no discernible benefits whatsoever. The whole clay thing can be a bit hit and miss.

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Not so with the Goddess Skin mask: it promises to “visibly lift, smooth, brighten and tighten pores for baby skin” and – unbelievably – it does. I say unbelievably, because it’s quite a lot of claim to make on the front of a tube. Most brands now shy away from making big claims, preferring to hide behind ambiguous phrasing – not Tilbury! She’s the unashamed Queen of Claims and I love her for it. The woman has no fear and enough conviction for a hundred people – she believes in her products and her enthusiasm and belief is highly effective.

So, the mask. There’s more claiming on the back of the tube: “for the rebirth of your skin – it’s a miracle! Skin texture appears visibly healed, hydrated and rejuvenated. Skin feels smoother, firmer and plumper.” Just about everything ticked off there, then. But do you know? I rinsed this mask off after ten minutes and my skin was weirdly, weirdly different. It was tightened and lifted but not dried-out, it was smooth but not uncomfortable, it felt incredibly clean but not stripped and the surface felt balanced and somehow primed, if that makes any sense? It was as though I’d had a facial and reached the moisturiser stage, but the moisturiser hadn’t been applied yet. And yet oddly, my skin wasn’t crying out for any moisturiser – I almost wanted to just apply my makeup straight away, because the “canvas” felt so prepped and ready. Pores were less visible, my skin was brighter – it was like the ultimate red carpet fix. No irritation, no “tingling”, just really sorted skin.

Another thing to note: to me, this mask smells of tuberose. It could be my sense of smell being slightly skewed, so can anyone who’s tried this please let me know if they think the same? If so, what an utterly beautiful and unusual scent to add to a mask! I really felt as though I was being properly pampered.

Additional bonus points for the easy-to-transport tube packaging – no cumbersome pots here – and the fact that you’re directed to only use a thin layer. This mask would last you an absolute age. Top marks to Tilbury on the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, I’m incredibly impressed. You can find it at CharlotteTilbury.com and Selfridges.com. It’s £45 for 75ml, but – as I said – would last an age.

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Nail Look: Alexa Chung’s Leather and Sequins

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Back with some more fabulous nail looks from @NailArtistMartha; this week she’s been playing about with the new Alexa Fabric Effects polishes from Nails Inc. Alexa Chung’s range for Nails Inc seems to be doing tremendously well and I have to say that – after my initial scepticism – it’s a beautifully put-together edit of interesting and wearable polishes. I like the fashion-led textures such as “leather” and “silk” and I think, as Martha demonstrates in today’s nail looks, that they are actually very wearable.

nails inc leather effect nail polish

Martha used the new Alexa Leather polish as a base for both of today’s manicures. She said “it applied well but the leather effect wasn’t apparent until the polish was completely dry. You have to be patient, but it’s like magic when you see it turning!”

I love the leather effect, I think that it’s actually rather chic and I might even prefer it to the more classic, glossy black nail. There’s something very modern about it. Martha’s application tip: “make sure you use a base coat – I used Nails Inc’s Superfood.” (Wise advice; it’s so difficult to get nails back to normal if you’ve stained them with dark shades.)

You can find the Leather polish at FeelUnique.com here – it’s £15.

nails inc alexa sequins nail art review

Next Martha went in with the Alexa Sequins polish to create a glitter and sequin “fade” across the nail. Martha said “consistency-wise, Sequins is very similar to other glitter polishes. You have the same build up routine. But I do like the larger gold sequins, and teamed with the black leather polish it looks brilliant.” Martha started off by building up the glitter polish at the cuticle, using a “pushing” action with the brush to really get a good amount of sparkle at the base of the nail. To create the fade, she painted the polish on in the usual way above the cuticle to get a more sparse covering of glitter and then left the tips bare, with just the leather effect polish showing. I love this design! I’m not at all experimental with my nails, but I must say that Martha is definitely tempting me over to the “art” side…

alexa leather and sequins nails

You can find the Alexa Fabric Effects range over on FeelUnique.com here, or add them to your shopping basket at ASOS.com – each polish is £15. Please do give Martha a follow on Instagram and Twitter and feel free to ask her any questions you might have about the nail looks she’s been working on. And comment with your suggestions or requests for future looks – we’re always looking for new ideas!

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