Pedikur Hand and Foot Care

Pedikur Hand and Foot Care

I’ve really been making a conscious effort this year to remove my nails as they’re so weak, and they split as soon as they manage to get any length so I was interested to try the Pedikur Hand and Foot Care products after reading about them, and the reviews on how effective they are. Pedikur is available to purchase on their on website, as well as the Beauty Chamber website, and the range includes Pedikur Moisturising Cotton Socks, Pedikur Herbal Hand and Foot Cream, Pedikur Hand and Foot Lotion as well as spatulas and the products can be purchased individually or as a set depending on your preference. The Pedikur Hand and Foot Care range can be used on both the hands and the feet, and the products work to remove dry skin and cuticles without the need for sharp instruments, as well as keeping your hands and feet soft and moisturised.

Pedikur Hand and Foot CarePedikur Hand and Foot CarePedikur Hand and Foot Care


To use the Pedikur treatment on your hands, you simply take a small piece of cotton wool for each of your fingers and apply a piece to the cuticles you wish you treat, and then add a few drops of the Pedikur Lotion £16 to the cotton wool. Once you’ve added a few drops to the piece of cotton wool, you leave the lotion soaked cotton wool for 1-3 minutes depending on then size and strength of your cuticle, and then after the time is finished use the spatula to remove the softened cuticles. After removing your cuticles, it’s vital to wash your hands thoroughly as the lotion contains alkaline, and then use the Pedikur Herbal Cream to hands and fingernails to fully moisturise the skin. Pedikur recommend only applying the lotion to one or two fingers at a time to ensure you don’t leave the lotion on for too long.


Apply a thin layer of cotton wool to the area of hard skin to be treated, and add some drops of the Pedikur Lotion and spread the lotion with the bottom of the bottle to eliminate any air residue within the cotton wool, to allow your hard skin to absorb the lotion more effectively. Wash your hands after applying the lotion, and then leave the lotioned cotton wool in place for upto 20 minutes to take effect. After the 20 minute period, remove the cotton wool and scrape off the softened calluses with the spatula and then rinse your feet and follow with the Pedikur Herbal Cream to moisturise them, and you use the Pedikur Moisturising Cotton Socks £2.50 overnight for a softening treatment.

I found using the Pedikur Hand and Foot Care system easy to use on my hands, but I did find it a little strange on my feet but that’s only because I have a ridiculous hatred of feet; I can’t bare touching my own feet let alone let anyone else touch my feet. So this system is perfect for someone like me, who would never let a pedicurist touch their feet as I can look after my feet myself in the comfort of my own home. The instructions sounded a little complicated to begin with, however it’s actually very simple to use – essentially, you put cotton wool on your feet/fingers, and then add a few drops of lotion to the cotton wool (enough for the drops to penetrate through to the skin), leave the cotton wool for the allocated period of time and then use the plastic spatula to scrape off the dry skin.

I have used endless cuticle removers, and I’ve never found any to be half as effective as the Pedikur Lotion – it really does get rid of cuticles without being painful or uncomfortable like some of the gels I’ve used which feel like they’re burning my cuticles off. It works so effectively at removing my cuticles, as well as any dry skin on my feet. My feet have never felt as soft and smooth as they do since I used the Pedikur products, so if you suffer with unsightly hard skin or calluses on your feet, I really recommend giving these products a try as they’re brilliant and a little goes a very long way, so this 200ml bottle would last for such a long time.


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