Pregnancy Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin…

This video was originally entitled “Pregnancy Skincare Habits I’m Keeping!” but it was all a bit sensational and you know how I like to stay low-key… So we’re onto Pregnancy Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin, which is very accurate because my skin has been glowing like a beacon since Christmas, with not a blemish in sight. Of course that could be down to pregnancy hormones (I suspect much of it is) but there have been a few little tweaks I’ve made to my beauty regime, too, and I thought it would be remiss of me to not mention them.

You’ll notice that there’s a general gravitation towards more organic products and formulas that are perhaps more gentle and simple; this has been a subconscious decision, I feel, because there was never a moment when I thought well, I’m not putting THAT on my skin! At any rate, it hasn’t been a total switch – I’ve still used loads of hi-tech lotions and potions (see the serums I’ve included) and acid exfoliants and the whatnot. Just less than usual. I’m so interested to see which routine I’ll end up going back to once I’ve had Baby AMR, but I definitely think that the “habits” I’ve started during pregnancy will stay with me. The facial oils, the antioxidant serum, the more gentle formulas…

You can watch the video here or by clicking play below – all of the products mentioned are listed underneath the video pane. Obviously I haven’t included all of the gorgeously gentle skincare brands out there – please do browse the skincare section of this website for more ideas.


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