RMS Beauty Swift Shadow EM-68 Review

I was so excited about the launch of the Swift Shadows from RMS a couple of months back! Whilst her eye polishes are stunning, (I have the shade imagine, another purple that I just looooove the colour of) they’re known to crease thanks to the creamy formula, plus they’re not vegan. Her new powder shadows are vegan (huzzah!) they don’t crease and are much easier to apply if you’re not really into complicated makeup looks, like me.

I picked up two shades upon release; Enchanted Moonlight 68, a smoky purple and Twilight Madness 24, a charcoal shade.

Whilst I haven’t been particularly impressed with the charcoal Twilight Madness – it has terrible fallout, is patchy, hard to blend and has very little colour payoff unless used with a damp brush, Enchanted Moonlight is the complete opposite. It’s buttery smooth, blends beautifully and whilst not the most pigmented, it can be built up to create a really gorgeous rich purple smoky eye. It’s one of my current favourite one wash all over the lid kind of colours, as I find the shade to compliment my skin tone and eye colour really well and is something a little different to a typical neutral shade.

I’ve found the lasting power to be fantastic. I don’t use any primer on my lids, except a dusting of concealer when doing my base, and the shadow stays put for at least 70% of the day before fading pretty evenly without creasing. It lasts longer when I’ve built the colour up – a thin wash over the lids does fade faster.

The shadows have been pressed, not baked, so they do feel very smooth to the touch, and have added buriti oil and jojoba oil for a silky feel that transforms them into something that’s not quite a powder, but not a cream either. They’re unique and definitely worth your time. Even though I got a dud in the TM-24 (perhaps it was a bad batch) I am not put off and very much want to expand my collection to include another Enchanted Moonlight shade and even one from the Garden Rose trio. I’m hoping for little quads or palettes, that would be lush! *insert heart eyed emoji*


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