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Like everyone else in America, we’re obsessing over our favorite fall TV shows, so when we got the opportunity to get some MAJOR benetips from the beauty team behind the non-stop fab look of Washington DC’s fave fixers, we totally freaked. With the long hours of a TV crew, these ladies have secrets with some serious staying power. If it keeps their cast looking fine for the HD cameras all day long, it should have us looking bright and shiny, even after long days at the office, amirite?


Our first pro-tip is to use majorette to add color to a tired face & always look alive, no matter how rough your day has been. Our beauty experts tell us that, “Majorette is a must have. All you need is a touch for a day look, and then add more for an all-out fashionista blush moment later.” And who doesn’t love an all-out fashionista moment!? To boost your glow-factor even more, they suggest hoola to bronze and contour the cheek and chin area. Insider info: they love to use hoola on the men! (Hello, Mr. President!)

Obviously, with the crazy-long hours, seriously strong concealer is a must-have. Our pros recommend mixing erase paste with foundation to blast tough under eye circles. They also love the broad color range and blending capabilities of boi-ing for getting rid of anything from blemishes to dark circles.


Stay don’t stray is another one of their top benefaves. It’s a must to keep eyeshadow on throughout all the scandalous happenings on set, so they rely on stay don’t stray to give it ultimate holding power.

And, of course, would we be talking Benefit if we didn’t talk brows? The team’s newest obsession is gimme brow. Full, gorgeous brows couldn’t be more in right now, and these scandalous beauties tell us that gimme brow is a “brow-saver and life-changer!”

A final bonus tip: for a simple daytime look, all you need is benebalm and a quick coat of they’re real! mascara, and you’re ready to breeze right out the door! So tell us, do you plan on using these scandalous tips in your routine?

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