Shardlake, Mad Men and the World’s Fastest Clothing Delivery…

asos next day delivery

1) I have finally weaned myself off Elementary. OK, that’s a lie: I watched all available episodes of Elementary and then had to stop because there were no more to watch. Which kind of amounts to the same thing, doesn’t it? Surely. Anyway, as a result of my weaning I have been back to the book-reading, full pelt, and this week finished Dark Fire (C.J. Sansom’s second novel based on the adventures of a lawyer in the tudor times, Matthew Shardlake) and got halfway through the third, which is called Eternal Damnation or Hell Fire or some such thing. I could tell you if I could be bothered to open a new browser tab and Google it, hold on… Sovereign! I have to say that the second book, Dark Fire, has been the standout favourite so far. I’ve read 1, 2 and 6. (Don’t ask.) You can find all of the Shardlake books on Amazon here.

2) When I say that I weaned myself off Elementary, I didn’t mean to suggest that the NowTV-fest had finished. Oh no. Mr AMR and I, now hopelessly addicted to sitting on the sofa and watching all and any TV series that come our way, have started on Mad Men. Not sure quite what I think of it, really; it’s well filmed, and I like the “period” detail, but.. meh. We’ve done two episodes and I can’t say we’re chomping at the bit to watch more. What do you reckon? Persevere?

3) Since when did ASOS do this thing that you could order until 10pm at night and get your parcel the next day? It’s absolutely brilliant! I knew that Next did it, but ASOS? It’s life-changing – I ordered at 8.50pm on Thursday night and had my delivery just after 9am the following morning. Bloody, bloody marvellous.

mr bear british shorthair

 4) Pets. Mr Bear having a snooze – I got really close to him with my camera and he didn’t even stir! I have an even closer one that I’ll post next week – and Dexter, pre-shave, having a little chill-out time with his Gingerbread Man.

dexter cockapoo

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